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"There are 2 ways to make money. Either spend time or money. Well, this is the fantastic place to buy adsense websites. You can buy ready-made adsense sites to Work or you can spend money to make money like me.
Amanda ACe

Buying adsense Earning Websites

Buying an Adsense Earning Website for Sale might not be the best of ideas. Why?

  1. You are inexperienced, you don’t know what it takes to maintain those earnings if not increase them.
  2. You don’t have in-house content writers
  3. You don’t know where to hire affordable content writers.
  4. You have no idea about on-page SEO to rank new articles in Google
  5. You don’t have an affordable SEO agency to rank Weekly if not daily
  6. You don’t have a content optimization team to apply and improve ads revenue


You know the hardest part of a successful adsense website making money through adsense or any other advertising? The most difficult part is RESEARCH. It’s the base of everything you are going to do in coming years. If you got this part right, you will save a lot of time and effort.

Buy Adsense Ready Websites

Payme0 offers adsense ready websites ALONG WITH maintenance so that our clients just Invest and Earn. You can learn along the way..

Well Researched

We perform a thorough keyword research before we make websites through a number of tools including longtail pro and Spyfu.

adsense websites for sale

Design & Development

Designing your website, your pages to catch every possible click from visitors coming to your fresh adsense ready site.

adsense money making websites

Revenue Optimization

About Adsense Websites, it's not a set and forget thing. You 'll need to constantly optimize your content to rank better and earn more..

niche sites adsense

Niche Sites

Only purified keywords are selected to make your niche site. From Profitability to competition, Everything's taken into account.

content writing for adsense websites

Content builder

Highly optimized, keyword rich and 100% handwritten content is published on daily basis to make your adsense site noticeable in Google.

Adsense websites money making

24/7 Customer Support

Click to connect and you will be surprised how fast we can respond. You can buy our aged adsense ready website or place a custom order!

Facts about Adsense Websites

⌛Making money through Adsense without a website will be a lot harder and time consuming.
⌛Youtube is now the 2nd highest earning source to make money through Adsense with over 0.2 million registered Publishers.
⌛How much you can make with Adsense? Google's annual  Revenue is $3.4 billion and it only takes 22% of your Revenue.
⌛Over 14.3 million sites serve adsense ads.
⌛How much does Google Adsense pay, depends on how much traffic your website, domain or youtube channel has got.
⌛More you sync ads with your adsense website better will be the earnings.
⌛You can even signup for Adsense account using a simple blog at
⌛According to a survey earnings through your own adsense website brings upto 5 times more Adsense Revenue.


Why Adsense Websites?

It is one of the oldest and reliable source of optimizing your website. Your adsense account will be under your name, verified by PIN. i.e no matter what no one can hack your adsense earnings. 

Over 14.3 million Websites serving adsense ads mean that they stand for something. You are just there to take your piece of pie.

Day to Day Maintenance:

This is the biggest dilemma of buying an Adsense Website Online. Let’s say for instance you purchased a website making $500 through Adsense. Next big question is will these earnings last if you stop working?

Of course, you can’t work like the seller because he spent his day and night building something. A hard work you know nothing about. 

SEO agencies cost at least $25 per keyword per month that means you are spending $500 on SEO alone. What about Content?

What about due diligence?

Just admit not every seller is honest, ok yeah he has verified his earnings through Adsense but are you equipped to see if the website

  1. is not going downwards in terms of traffic
  2. seller has not scaled up traffic to increase earnings
  3. niche has enough search trends in future
  4. Page and Domain Authority is good enough
  5. website is making consistent income for at least few months

The most feasible Solution:

It would be best if you ask the seller to give you at least 3 month’s maintenance at a minimal cost you can afford. Think and Focus on Cost before you even put your bid.

Buying a Maintenance free Adsense Websites or Websites with low cost maintenance would be a GREAT idea to get a start.

Think about adding other advertising methods. If your site is getting 100K + visitors, would be a good choice.

Is there a better Alternative?

Of course there is, an AFFILIATE Website would be your BETTER if not best bet 😀 Look Adsense ads can be applied to any page that has content. Would it hurt building a website around certain product or products that pay you high commission??

Hosting Companies for instance, ipage and Godaddy pay upto $100 per sale. You can make an affiliate website and apply adsense ads as you update content of website. Just to make sure you will make few buck if not 100 Dollars for a click.

Youtube Adsense Account:

Recently making adsense money through youtube has become much popular but let me tell you it’s another replacement of selling stuff on ebay from your garage. lol

No, Seriously if you are willing to put equalent time into making your channel on youtube, editing videos, getting subscribers etc. Yeah Go for it. All the best!


✈How to make money with Google Adsense?

There are a number of ways  You can make a blog on blogger com, make your own website publish content  Make an account on hubpages or squido to publish articles and earn


✈Buy adsense safe traffic?

Might not be a good idea  You can get your adsense account suspended


✈How to sign up for adsense?

Simply Go to adsense google com and fill the form


✈How to set up adsense on youtube?

Go Here or Click Here


✈1000 page views per day adsense?

Views count only on youtube  You get paid only for clicks if you own a website  


✈how does adsense pay you?

It varies from location you setup your adsense account  It pays via direct bank transfer, check or Western Union in some countries


✈how to get adsense approval?

 Make a website, blog at blogger com or channel at youtube com and apply to


✈how does google adsense work?

 You will first need a digital property to apply at adsense google com Google Adsense pays you for every click you get on ads  Whether these ads are on your website, blog or Youtube


✈how to create adsense account?

Signup here


✈make money with google adsense?

Simple, buy our readymade adsense sites or get an all DONE FOR YOU WEBSITES BUSINESS


✈when does adsense pay? 

It pays on net 15  For all the revenue you generated until 30th of last month  Payments go out on 15th of this month


✈how to use google adsense?

It’s very easy Click Here


✈buy adsense websites

Feel free to check our Services


✈buy adsense account?

We won’t recommend it at all because if you are looking to buy adsense ofcourse you are skipping the hard work  There is no shortcut to money  Real respectable money  Trust me shortcuts do more damage than good


✈google adsense help

Go to https://support google com/adsense




Although there are several alternatives to adsense like infolinks, chitika, Revenue Hits, Pop ads but adsense is the most high converting with 100% ad unites filled inventory on your website. You can withdraw payments directly to your Bank account if you are living in America or anywhere in Europe. Earning through adsense ads will need a consistent publishing of new content and SEO backlinks. Adsense program is designed to leverage almost any type of content you can imagine online. There are ad units for Images, videos text. You can place adsense ad units in header, footer, sidebar, in-content, you can apply adsense in search of your web pages even. It would be a good idea to buy a content writing service that will provide fresh content and rank in Google, rather than buying SEO and articles separately. Adsense network is reliable in terms that website making “Adsense income” will be valued most on the networks like Flippa.

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