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➳ Research of profitable niche

➳ Selection of Affiliate product

➳ Designing Landing Page

➳ Marketing Strategy formation

➳ Keyword Rich content

➳ SEO (Search engine Optimization)

➳ Generating Profit

➳ Daily reporting

"Payme0 makes it super easy for it's clients to buy and manage affiliate websites on complete autopilot.Glad to find this Gem of a resource."
Carl Stephenson
ERB Finance Manager
buy affiliate websites

What is an Affiliate Website?

A website that promotes the products or services of other businesses is know as affiliate site. Clickbank alone pay $151 million per year. It’s actually Businesses that can’t survive without affiliates.

Ebay, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Avangate are few of the top affiliate networks till date.

Readymade Affiliate Websites

We are working in affiliate Websites since the idea “Affiliate marketing” has first evolved. Our ready  made affiliate websites for sale are all equipped to bring $0 to $10,000 pm. Low on budget?

Why Should I buy Affiliate Websites for Sale?

Affiliate Income is one of the best passive income strategies you can think off. Unfortunately not everyone has the time to explore the ways and there are very few people out there who care enough to share their strategies with other, who can think ahead of just making few bucks. Here are few main reasons you should consider

amazon affiliate websites for sale

Huge Profit Potential

Established affiliate websites make as much as $10K+ pm. Imagine businesses not having time to reach out and 1000s of buying customers not able to connect just because they don't know. Your Website connects both.

affiliate product to promote

Product Research

Getting an affiliate account approved is one thing, the real problem starts after. There are thousands of products with many commission structures. We 'll choose the perfect affiliate product to make BIG.


Turnkey Websites

Buying Turnkey affiliate sites or turnkey websites to sell for profit is one of the least tapped income resource. If you want to cash in Quick profit, We 'll provide turnkey websites to make up to 50% ROI in less than a year.

amazon affiliate websites for sale

Amazon Affiliates

People are spending on Amazon and you can make money by giving them your affiliate links. We make full fledge Amazon affiliate websites for sale that work a bit slow but in an year or so you can make upto $5K pm.


Affiliate Niche

We have lined up most profitable affiliate niches in 2018 to make websites. Start your online career with our ready made amazon or affiliate websites where you are certain that sites will make profit.

Done for you turnkey websites

100% Done for You

YES this is for Real, YES you don't have to do anything except funding your turnkey affiliate websites. We guarantee Results not WORK, not just go on and on with typical blah blah!


Does your websites include Amazon affiliate store for sale?

Our Website Types varies from Microniche all upto Branded blogs. Everything in between, product affiliate websites, adsense websites, amazon niche sites, full fledged amazon affiliate stores etc We do accept custom website requests as well. If you are looking to make money from any particular website type, just let us know and We can make it work.

How much can I make from your Amazon affiliate Websites for Sale?

It all depends on your budget and long term goals. Our STARTER pack for example that costs $8,400 will enable you to make anywhere from $300 to $ 700 in a time span of 6 to 12 months

Do you sell amazon turnkey affiliate Websites? What’s the difference between regular Amazon & a Turnkey Website? 

YES, We do sell Turnkey Amazon affiliate sites. The main difference between these two is an Amazon Turnkey affiliate website is primarily made for made for quick reselling for profit. i.e you bought a website and want ROI (return on investment) within an year by liquidating your asset. These sites mostly consist of a single page with 10 to 20 products listed. As soon as this page shows up within top 5 results of Google and makes consistent  commission for 3 months. Website is sold for a Healthy profit!

Are there other turnkey affiliate websites for Sale?

Yes We do have several other types of Affiliate Websites, that eve have a better earning potential than amazon affiliate sites. These type of websites include Product reselling websites with Exclusive resell copyrights. Also We make affiliate products website from several other networks including commission junction, JV Zoo and Shareasale.

How reliable is affiliate Business?

It’s one of the oldest methods to make money on the internet. There are more than 200 authentic affiliate networks with billions in commissions paid out every month. It’s a need of every modern business these days so yeah, it’s a very reliable Business with no signs of being vanished.

What is the best approach to learn affiliate marketing?

There us much hustle on the internet if you want to learn affiliate marketing, for heaven’s sake don’t Google “Make money affiliate marketing” Go to the blogs of renowned affiliate networks and look for as many case studies as you can get your hands on!

What are the top affiliate programs to join?

Honestly, you should go for affiliate marketing programs that are easy to promote and have less competition. Don’t be obvious. Everyone will be competing against you!

Are there any free affiliate programs?

All renowned affiliate programs are free to join. If you are asked to pay to join an affiliate program, beware!

How does shopify affilite works?

Shopify is just an eCommerce platform that makes it easy for sellers to sell products and keep track of your inventory, Revenue, Sales & profit etc

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