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How it Works?

Our company is specialized in providing once-in-a-lifetime budget friendly packages to help you kick-start you entry into the digital world! We offer different solutions to suit all the needs, for big and small clients.

Buying websites

About Micro Niche Websites

A micro niche website is a website based on micro categories, niches identified according to the profitability of different keywords (Topics on which sites are built).

                                         Now, these are your microniches &
                                                                                 that’s where we can help you!


What do we offer?

Content Creation

     Advertising [SEO]

High Quality Keyword Research

     Installation of Themes & Plugins

Exact match Domain Name Registeration

❝ You see! There is a lot of hard work involved and even after that, imagine our commitment when, We are only going to make a profit when you do! ❞


❝ We will charge 30%* of Net profit, that means once you get profit, only then we make money! ❞

❝ That’s not all, We are taking things to a whole new level! ❞

It’s getting interesting, Isn’t it?

Wondering if you have to sell your home to fund this plan? Well, Nooo! That would be ridiculous…
Our prices are as insane as our plan!

Happy Ending of Movie is...

We do everything on your behalf to make your business shine in the online world from keyword research for the SEO optimization of your pages to Domain and Hosting services and WordPress theme installations (plugin included); and content on your site. So this means you only have to take care of your brand and pay us… we will do everything else on your behalf!

Pricing plans

Guaranteed 30% ROI in 11* Months



Introduce Yourself

10 Websites

Make $750 pm.

Weekly reports

Unique Content

Email Support



Most Economical

25 Websites

Make $2000 pm.

Weekly reports

Unique Content

1 professional blog

Email/Skype Support



Perfect Start

50 Websites

Make $4K pm.

Daily reports

Unique Content

3 professional blogs

Design & Development


24/7 Support



This Means Business

100 Websites

Make $6K pm.

Daily reports

Unique Content

8 professional blogs

Design and Development

Supreme Quality Sites


24/7 Support

SAVE 20%

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