EOS Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 2018

Today’s post is about EOS Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 2018. I know many of you are going to take it seriously that sounds pretty good.

Before analyzing what EOS is and how it can affect the encryption market, let’s have a clear idea of what EOS would be like at the end of 2018.

Looking at the current trend, it seems that EOS has a lot to offer to retail investors this year. Already, it is one of the best forms of cryptocurrency and many other developments are planned. It started at just under $1 and now sells $12 in 30 days. I like it WOW!

EOS Price Predictions 2018

EOS price predictions 2018

  1. EOS Price on Jan. 2018 – $12.56
  2. EOS Price in Feb. 2018 – $14.54
  3. March 2018 – $18.67
  4. April 2018 – $24.88
  5. May 2018 – $31.13
  6. June 2018 – $38.05
  7. July 2018 – $52.8
  8. Aug. 2018 – $60.23
  9. Sept 2018 – $68.21 
  10. Oct. 2018 – $88.32
  11. Nov. 2018 – $91.97
  12. Dec. 2018 – $102.03

Spending $1000 should give you at least $10,000 back by the end of 2018. Moreover, it is said that EOS is the most powerful infrastructure for distributed applications.

Although Ethereum is considered to be the best application protocol for distributed application creation, transaction processing and DAOS training on the network, EOS aims to make it a faster and more efficient version.

EOS Cryptocurrency is a faster platform that can handle transactions with more than 50,000 transfers per second.

History of EOS TOKEN

EOS was created by Dan Larimer, founder, and creator of Bitshares. Steem and Bitshare are two cryptocurrency spaces that currently work, which means that the foundation has already achieved two awards. EOS was announced by Dan in the consensus 2017 with a strange exit from the ICO.

Instead of a few weeks or the amount of ether needed for the launch, EOS had a one-year chip and ICO distribution time. Since then, the currency has been placed in many trades that started at $5 at launch, saw troughs of approximately $48, and are now:

EOS Cryptocurrency
$ 12.68 (12.04%)
0.00127517 BTC


  • $ 9.18 B USD VOLUME (24 hours)
  • $ 1.53 B USD

Why Was it Formed?

The problem with Bitcoin was that it was slower and did not allow much development of Dapps, DAOS and currency functions. So, Vitalik developed Uuter Ethereum.

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However, Ethereum has launched less than a second of a series of transactions compared to what is needed to strengthen the Internet of Things and create a smart economy. (They work on it and with the launch of the Caspers protocol, they seem to be taking incredible steps.) On the other hand, EOS has been designed to meet high speeds while offering more capacity for transactions.

Up to 50,000 per second

To illustrate this, Visa makes approximately 24,000 transactions per second. This puts EOS ahead of Visa. With such a platform, EOS should be able to help create apps and a symbolic economy for which so many companies compete. This decentralized operating system was created to house the platform of the future.

EOS Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 2018: The Benefits Of EOS Smart TOKEN

A DECENTRALIZED OPERATING SYSTEM: With EOS, developers can create applications that only need EOS chips to participate in the EOS ecosystem. By owning EOS, parts can contact the EOS server, which allows these developers to leverage the EOS blockchain, which does not mean developers have to spend parts to participate, but demonstrate

The operating system is stored on the servers providing the blocks, and the servers that host EOS are rewarded in EOS. When an app runs on the EOS cryptocurrency network, it can interact with other apps on the network. Well, there will be a firewall function to protect the apps.

This interaction also allows users to move through the databases within the EOS network. You do not have to enter your password or username if you are using EAPS blocks of a Dapp chain half of the time does not know that they are using multiple Dapps because of the integrations.

EOS Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 2018: Free Transaction Service

Ethereum requires you to pay gas for each transaction. The EAS Dapp platform does not require gas charges for network transactions and usage, which will facilitate adoption. “CONSTITUTION” AND PARALLEL PROCESSING WITH MORE THAN 50,000 TRANSACTIONS PER SECOND:

EOS Cryptocurrency comes with a number of rules and precautions to ensure trouble-free operation without the risk of malware or network servers defending against it. At the same time, they have developed a parallel processing mechanism that provides greater scalability, higher transaction speeds, and the ability to work in parallel.

This also makes EOS one of the fastest developments of Blockchain and Dapps. EOS Cryptocurrency can perform 50,000 transactions per second at this time (or starting point).

EOS Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 2018: Small Amount Of Inflation

While inflation looks bad and can lead to a decline in monetary value and economic confusion, EOS inflation is to focus on the growth. EOS Cryptocurrency inflation is self-sustaining and can only be 5% and is not going to change anytime soon. 5% is small enough to support and sustain economic growth as the EOS ecosystem develops and develops.

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