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Q: Tell me more about these sites. I didn't quite understand?


It's about "Microniche" websites. These are small sites with few articles and a simple design to test the profitability of keyword (Niche). These sites are promoted through SEO (Search engine Optimization). Once we make sure that We are getting more money than the time being spent, that website is picked. The websites unable to perform upto a certain profit are dropped and new domains are registered instead.

  Q: How does the website make money?


Websites do make money through adsense or promoting a specific product and making a commission. It can also be a Website promoting specific amazon products to earn you affiliate commission.

  Q: Who pays the commission?


Adsense by Google or Amazon sends in the pay cheques.

  Q: How much you get paid for each website?


There is no certain amount each site will make. The scope is huge but in 6 months each of the website will make at least $50 to $100.

  Q: How often do you get paid?


You get paid on monthly basis. Adsense from Google sends payments between 21st to 26th of each month.

  Q: What will happen after we buy a package?


The next steps are very simple
  1. Send money to Escrow
  2. You will get a complete research and future plan of your newly purchased websites.
  3. Review the report and release the Escrow (payment)
  4. Your domains are registered and you will start receiving reports of Work done on your sites.
  5. Make money, share the profit.
  6. Re-invest.

  Q: Can I upgrade the package later?


Yes! you can upgrade your package anytime you want.

  Q: How soon can we get started?


Right now! Send us an email to support@payme0.com. Chat with us, leave us a message or give us a call. We will be always there to help..




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