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Blockchain Capital survey showed that 30% of those in the 18-to-34-age range would rather invest $1,000 in Bitcoin than $1,000 in government bonds or stocks.

The aggregate market cap of all cryptocurrencies by late December of 2017 was $650 billion.

Ripple’s price on 1st January was $0.006540 and recently it was; $0.222765. So a $1000 dollar investment taken on the 1st of January 2017 would now be worth; $34,061.93

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The most immutable and exchangeable cryptographic token promise to become a hard and non-manipulatable money for the whole world. Enjoy a huge return on investments made for the technology thriving on the brink of becoming World’s most successful phenomena.​


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You never know what you might get with Cryptocurrency and I believe the solution to this situation is a need of millions, yet that’s a whole other story. Payme0 conquered it well. They delivered exactly what was promised according to our budget. Looking forward to do more business.

Invest in coins online

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Lead Developer, Automattic Inc

I am staggered beyond believe. It feels like home to handover and trust them with your hard earned cash. I am definitely gonna buy websites from you guys soon. Bigi Thanks.

investment strategy in coins

Sally White

Cofounder Auro LLC

Uhhh – It was a life saver for me. With more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, it’s a crazy World out there. Great work guys!

Invest in Coins Online

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Bitcoin, often referenced to as digital gold, is the crypto coin most accepted by merchants, and easily the most-traded virtual currency.


Ethereum, smart protocol incorporated blockchain network, is the most famous among the big business clients.


Ripple, the epitome of quickest transaction-processing time, is the most scalable digital asset for real-time payments.

That's what you know.

We know more than 100 currencies on the rise!

Frequently asked questions

As much as the idea may seem crazy, it’s not. Actually what we do actually is keep a mutual investment for all of our investors. Imagine your $300 investment to be shared with 100+ other people while buying and selling cryptocurrencies. So that you won’t have to bear the loss alone.

All of our investors become the equal share holders according to their investment and our portfolio is in profit that means you will be making profit for sure. While in case of loss, you are not ALONE.

That’s how we keep our investment strategy in cryptocurrencies 2018 secure!

Yes, you can if you are willing to invest at least $10,000. We will manage a separate portfolio with maximum profit probability. 

We have explained this in detail on this page

Top 10 Websites to buy Cryptocurrency online

Hmmm We are here to help as much as We can but our trading secrets are something making us money at the moment so We can’t give you that. sorryyy..

Here are few links however that can help!

Have a look at following links

❝ Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack! ❞

— John C. Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group and inventor of the index fund.

Invest in Cryptocurrency Today


Best Answers from Experts Online

Maybe you’ve read about blockchain technology and are convinced that it really is the future. Or maybe you’ve seen a friend become rich with Bitcoin and you keep kicking for not doing the same thing.

Anyway, buying Bitcoin or one of the many other cryptocurrencies can be easy and even fun. Do not go hoping to make a million dollars overnight and only invest money without living. That means you have to know to get started.

Buy with Coinbase

If you’re interested in buying Bitcoin or one of the best-known cryptocurrencies, your best bet is CoinBase, which is also compatible with Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin. Popular digital sharing is easy to use and largely reliable, although it is sometimes interrupted when the trade is particularly hectic.

You can download the Coinbase application on your phone or create an account on Accept the terms and you will be greeted by a graph showing the recent rise and fall of Bitcoin and other currencies. The next thing you need to do is make a purchase by clicking the “Buy” button in the app or by clicking on the “Buy / Sell” tab on the website. From there you can connect a debit or credit card for quick, small investments, or add a direct connection to your bank account for larger purchases and sales, which can take 4-5 days to process.

With this set, press the buy button again. Choose the type of cryptocurrency you are buying and enter the amount of money you would like to spend in US dollars. You’ll see how much Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency you buy) costs at a small Coinbase rate. Finally, confirm the transaction with the Buy and Borrow button. (If this is your first time, you may receive a call from your bank asking you to check the purchase before you finish, so be aware of this).

Coinbase Alternatives

If you want to buy ripple or other emerging cryptocurrencies, you need to look beyond Coinbase. A popular option is Kraken, which supports Bitcoin and Ether, with smaller parts like Ripple and Stellar.

Using Kraken is a little more complicated than Coinbase, and you’ll want to do it through the website (there’s an iOS app, but it’s not great). The first thing to do is create an account here. Once it’s active, click on Account and select Get Verified. You must provide your name, phone number, and address by selecting at least level 2. You may also need a valid government-issued photo ID and proof of residence (Level 3). ) to withdraw money from the stock market, depending on where you and your bank are:

Then you have to deposit money into your Kraken account. To do this, go to account, then finance and deposit. From there, follow the instructions on the Kraken website to activate a transfer before sending money from your bank account.

Now you are ready to buy. Click Account, then Commerce, and then New Order. Then select the desired cryptocurrency and the currency you are buying from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner (you can also use Bitcoin to buy smaller coins such as Ripple). Select Easy and below click Buy. Then enter the desired amount of cryptocurrency and press the green button to confirm.

Again, you may receive a call from your bank to confirm the purchase, but that’s it. You just bought a cryptocurrency.

Click Here to Visit one of the best resources online

Visit Ripple coin Official site here

You can also buy Ripple coins on Coinbase

Buying Bitcoin on Demand can help raise expectations before they occur. Too often we see a buying opportunity that we can not use. We know we want to buy, but we do not know how to convert our Fiat into Bitcoin fast enough. This is where credit and debit card buying opportunities come into play. Just visit your favorite service, take out your card, make the change and enjoy the brilliance of your decision.

The problem is that many questions come to mind when deciding which service to use. Do you want the most cost-effective, fastest, most reliable or best supported service? The truth is that most of it comes down to your personal preferences. Fortunately, below is a full description of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges with credit / debit support.


The first thing you will notice about Coinmama is the user interface of your website. The site suggests fixed BTC amounts to give you a better idea of ​​how the sets become real values. Luckily, you can also decide exactly how many BTCs you want to buy. Although it is not very clear, the Coinmama niche appears to be the exchange of low regulatory requirements for an inflated price. While most methods of purchasing credit and debit cards require official identification, Coinmama appears to be relinquishing this requirement in exchange for an excessive purchase price.


Everyone knows Coinbase as one of the most respected bitcoin exchanges in the world. Since 2012, they have been pushing for cryptocurrencies to be distributed to the general public. That’s why Coinbase is a popular choice to buy Bitcoin with its credit / debit card from the first days of online Bitcoin trading. Just create an account, link your card and start buying.

Keep in mind that Coinbase is being heavily audited by the US tax authorities for its popularity. UU., So you can be sure that any profit you receive from the Bitcoin appreciation since the purchase is payable as a necessary tax. Note that this applies to all other services that you can use to buy Bitcoin, except that Coinbase received additional attention from the authorities during 2017.


BitPanda is separated from other exchanges by providing many different payment methods. This is not so relevant to this article. Finally, you are here to decide where to buy Bitcoin with your debit / credit card. It is important to note, however, that despite the large number of possible payment methods, the prices offered by BitPanda are very close to the average market price, even if the price is combined with the costs of the payment processor. with credit card.


Bitstamp’s reputation is that it is the “world’s first fully licensed bitcoin exchange”. As the statement suggests, Bitstamp offers more than just debit and credit card purchases. It also allows you to buy via bank transfer, SEPA transfer and more, and you can recover your gold balance.

However, this does not exclude the possibility of credit or debit card purchases. The site has a simple interface that is suitable for navigation and monitoring. Debit card purchases, like most services, require identity verification. Once the account is confirmed, simply link your debit card and make the purchases you want.


Coinhouse has four main aspects that set it apart from its competitors. Immediate service, regulatory compliance, transparency and reputation. It’s hard to say if your claim to a notable reputation is justified. In any case, the service provides an accessible user interface that facilitates navigation for new users. In particular, the tariffs are also scaled, which makes the coinhouse especially useful for people who trade in large quantities.


Virwox is an exchange of various virtual assets and has existed since 2007. Two full years before Bitcoin became reality and several years before Bitcoin became a household name. VirWox was originally developed for the exchange of Linden Dollars, the currency used in Second Life. It is a virtual life game that involves investments (like virtual real estate) with a value that can be redeemed online.

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