Start An Online Business By Buying An Existing Website

Are you on the verge of starting an online business by buying an existing website? Then, you must read this article to understand the pros and cons of buying already established existing website.

Whether offline or online, there is no doubt that starting a business is always risky. Approximately 90% of the businesses fail in during the first year of their operation.

It is intimidating task to start an online business and make it successful. Successful business demands continuous effort, correct decisions and your 100% involvement other than investment and funds.  You also need the support of online users to make your business a success story.

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To get success in online business is tough yet possible. For a successful online business, you must have the right and solid online business model with the capacity to last the test of time. An online business model depends on a website, so, the website has the immense potential to make you or break you.

Are you starting your own online businesses? You have two approaches:

  • Build your own website from scratches
  • Buy an existing website

Build Your Own Website from Scratches

Developing a website from scratches is a pretty good option for you are a newbie and just step into the world of online business. Fabricating a website provides you the freedom to learn as you climb the ladder of success. In the whole process of creating a website, you do research, apply it, see the results, learn from the experiments, rectify yourself and improves gradually and slowly.

Here, you need to ask yourself few important questions:

  • Are you ready to take risks?
  • Will you get hurt by initial failure?
  • Do you have enough patience to test?
  • Are you really confident of your online business model?
  • Do you have strategies and skills to generate traffic to the website?
  • Do you have enough funds to survive the initial testing and experimental phase till compact revenue-generating online business is developed?

All these and many more questions are significantly important and require answers from you. If you get promising answers to all the questions, then nothing likes it. Just get started and build your own website from scratches.

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Buy An Existing Website

The second viable option for you is to buy an existing and established website, a website that is running a successful online business model. It also has a wide customer base.

Buying an existing website offers you more than one benefit and provides you a great opportunity to have a successful online journey. I am calling this an opportunity due to the fact that after buying an established, you still require your efforts,  business insight, money, time and willingness to take your business to unattained new heights.

Advantages of Buying an Existing Website

Below is the comprehensive look at the advantages of buying an existing website.

  • Takes out the initial pain of creating a website.
  • An existing website already has an income generating model.
  • You get access to existing traffic on the site that you buy.
  • It is easy to rank content and keywords for an existing website.
  • With an Existing Website, you have the Content with you.

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Disadvantages of buying an Existing Website

  • The most daunting challenge or the disadvantage of buying an existing website comes in searching a suitable authority website within your niche. Though buying an existing website is a formidable task regardless you get numerous existing websites.
  • The second disadvantage of buying an existing website is that it’s pretty difficult to get an under-valued website. You are not ready to pay a huge amount of money when you decide to buy a website. The important thing you keep in your mind is to lower the expenditure.
  • The third disadvantage is you have to do an extensive research before buying an existing website. You need to take a look at the history of the website, website ranking, search engine optimization, ways to get traffic, revenue generating model, the technology used, number and types of competitors and many other things like that. When you have gotten answers to all of these questions, you are probably closer to buying that website.
  • Last but not the least; you also need to see whether the content on the website is authentic and original. Before buying an existing established website, make sure the content of the website is not plagiarized and copied.

Right Way of Buying an Existing Website

Remember, an extensive and comprehensive research is essential before you finally buy an existing website. This is the right way if you really want to buy an authentic authority site. You must have the knowledge of the overall structure of the website that you are going to buy. You must know which keywords have been ranked in search engines and how the site is competing with the competitors.

Also, check out the content on the website to determine whether it is copied or not. Find out the history of the site and how long the website being running. Does the website have an inventory or not? What type of products and things the website is selling? To get all this date, you need to use software tools and online services which give you a detailed analysis of a website you are interested to buy. Tools like ESMRush, Copyscape, and Majestic SEO are highly useful for a site research and analysis.

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At last, prefer to buy an existing established website from reliable and trusted online forums. Sites such as Payme0, Flippa, Flip Filter, eBay, Website Broker are some of the trusted online sources. You can buy all types of websites from there.

You need to conduct a careful research, analysis, and confirmation so that you end up buying an existing established website that already generating money and ultimately advantageous for your online success.


By keeping all the discussion in mind, you can easily come to a conclusion that buying an existing established website for your online business if far better than developing a new website from scratches. It can take you to the new heights of business success. There is no doubt that developing a new website is really a daunting task.

Let me clear one thing, fabricating a new website for a successful online business is really tough but not impossible. If you have patience, resources, time, willingness to learn and also have the ability to survive the initial setbacks, then I think developing a new website is a good option for you. However, buying an existing established website has many distinct advantages as discussed above. Existing websites provide you a platform which you can easily rise to success in the world of online business.

Do you have any experience of buying existing websites and how was that? Which is the best forum to buy websites? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for taking time to read this. God bless you!

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