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Buy Turnkey Websites at Payme0 with complete AUTOMATION. From Niche to blogs, From affiliate to Drop ship sites, We do it all.
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"Who doesn't know the RISK involved in idea based Businesses? It would be nice if you can make profit by collaborating with these peeps. Thumbs Up"
Robert Martin
CEO/Founder Martinex

Turnkey Websites for sale?

What happens after that?

We don’t leave our buyers wandering in the desert once they purchase websites. More importantly we don’t overcharge or take advantage of your dependence. In fact We ‘ll recommend you alternatives of each and every block of your Turnkey Websites success!

Turnkey WebsiteS By Type

Although, We have evaluated every aspect of profitable turnkey websites, still if you have a custom request, we can definitely work with that.

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Premade Niche Websites

We have selected some particular niches to make ready made websites for sale that did & still are delivering us approximate numbers in profit. These are often searched as Micro-niche websites for Sale. It's a good deal if you know what you are doing.

Amazon turnkey websites for sale

Amazon Turnkey Websites

We can make an Turnkey Amazon affiliate Store on 70% of products listed on Amazon. I mean, of course we can't play blind, Duh!
Still We 'll make sure our ready made turnkey website is in your preferable category.


Turnkey Niche Websites

Don't mix them with "pre made niche sites" because these websites are more of a profitable blog you can make money with.
Turnkey Niche Websites for sale come up with multiple income streams. It's a stable long term business module. You need patience.

Established Turnkey Websites

Established Turnkey Sites

Until you don't give a shit to how much money you spend on maintaining current profit. OR
Unless you have a team of 20+ persons to handle the maintenance, don't buy established Turnkey Websites for Sale.

turnkey websites for sale dropship

Turnkey Websites Dropship

Well well well, these are famous these days. Aren't they. These kind of websites might be a little more heavy on your pocket as it involves thorough research of shipping business.
Nevertheless you can expect this to be long term stable business. We can surely help you with this!

turnkey affiliate websites for sale

Turnkey Affiliate Websites

Woah! Our favorite kind of turnkey websites to sell. You can be 200% sure that these WILL make money. Why? because this is how we started our online career.
Click here to find out what you missed!

Would You Like a free Trial?

What if We can show you RESULTS. It's pretty insane right? The only thing you need to do is submit funds to Escrow & We don't get a single penny until you have seen Revenue generated by your own Ready Made Turnkey Website.


Can you send us sample turnkey Websites to have a look at?

Yes We can. We have made turnkey websites of almost every type in almost every category. We have to take care of our current buyers interests, but showing you few sample websites shouldn’t be a problem. Just send us an email at & We ‘ll try to respond asap.

Do you sell Automated Turnkey Websites that make money?

Let us first clear this, there is no such thing as AUTOMATED. Everything needs some work to be successful. Even if you are the luckiest person alive and your idea become viral you still made a page or Website and contacted few people or shared it online, right?

What we do is, We take care of each and every process for you. We have keyword analysts, Content Writers, SEO team, Developers. We put everything in motion for you hence saving you from hardship of going from one website to another in search of right professionals to handle your business.

Do we have to do any thing if we buy Pre made turnkey websites package?

NO, absolutely not, you buy a package, you get websites, we research them, make them promote them and provide you a min. profit Guarantee it’s that simple for you and really fu***** hard work for us. It’s ok we are here for long term, we have other plans.

Can you provide consultation if I am buying Established turnkey websites elsewhere?

Yes of course, if you have got an eye on a profitable opportunity. Fantastic! We ‘ll be happy to share our experience for a minimal fee. Email now to

What is a Turnkey affiliate Website and how does it Work?

You see there a lot of affiliate networks including Commission Junction, Clickbank, Shareasale, JVzoo at the top. There are 100s of 1000s of products. We research product demands based on queries or keywords researched in Google and make Websites on those products. Assigning our SEO team afterwards to promote those sites eventually capturing the top spots in Google for those product related queries. All this happens within few months.

With every product sold through your website, there is a commission waiting to be credited to your bank account.

How expensive is it if We buy turnkey websites that make money?

It’s not that expensive. You don’t have to sell your car. You can get started with as low as $3000 as a one time setup cost for startup package. As you see our websites flourishing and making money you can invest gradually by paying monthly fee of $900 in installments of 6 months.

How much should I invest if I am looking for turnkey websites for sale Dropship?

We didn’t include these kind of websites in our general packages because you know there is a LOT of research involved, then there is product inventory. You ‘ll also need a warehouse to keep products, and ship as orders come in. Yes, we can take care of these formalities even but you need to talk to us before we can proceed with such plan.

What are the best turnkey websites for sale to make money online? Which type?

Affiliate turnkey websites are the best type of sites to make money online. You can sell anytime after 3 or 4 months and get your original investment back. Plus we have years of experience in this one. We can assure you 1000% guaranteed success if you let us do our Work while you just sit back and relax.

I am looking to make Dropship turnkey websites and make money, Can you help?

Yes, definitely WE CAN. In fact if money is not a problem for you, We would love to work on such project.There is a huge potential and you make your own business empire DOING NOTHING. How cool is that?

Turnkey Niche Websites? How to make money from this kind. A brief overview?

Everyone has a budget and we totally understand this. If you are not in a hurry like most of us neither want to wait too long to get potential returns on your investment. Getting a blog in your name could be a good idea. Like other websites, We will research each and everything.

We ‘ll form a line of products and make an affiliate niche Turnkey website to make handsome amount over the course of 1 year or so!

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