Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

Thinking about investing? have researched online but didn’t find any thing? If these questions sound familiar to you. Welcome to the club of millions more who feel the same way.

It’s not too late to invest in Cryptocurrency 2018

Profits are still there but just like an honest, trustworthy friend let me warn you.. It’s a gambling. Yes you read it right, it’s gambling. Not only I have read everywhere online but also saw facts from my own eyes. Have a look at these 2 pictures

  1. Biggest Profit Gainers in last 7 days

  2. Biggest Losers in Last 7 days:

What if you have invested $1000 in Crave or Bitcoin Atom. Can you imagine what it feels like turning your $1000 into $100 within a week and you can do nothing about it?

To make matters worse what if you have invested in 5 of the losing coins.

  1. Will you come back to invest in more coins?
  2. Will you wait for a year or so till coins price is regained?
  3. Will you sell fearing that company could be shut down?

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Let me make it clear that no matter how conscious you are, you have to play this game very sensibly. If I were you I would still prefer Stock market or other alternatives rather than spending sleepless nights thinking about what would become of my coins or investment.

What’s next? What should be your cryptocurrency investment strategy then?

Let’s first divide our investment into 3 equal parts so that even after few jumps and bumps, our Investment truck can reach back in 1 piece rather than in pieces ?

  1.  The most secure investment
  2. 25% risk – 75% Secure
  3. 50-50 chance of profit or loss

Part 1 – Most Secure Investment Strategy

For the first part of our investment plan, where we are going to hold each one of these coins for at least 1 year. Consider buying alternative coins or altcoins, those who established themselves and adopted by several markets. The ones that have only a minor chance of falling off the cliff.

These are our top 10 picks for secure crypto investments

10 – Ethereum

  • From $10 to over $1000 per coin, Ethereum has maintained it’s value.
  • Market cap of over $94 billion
  • Backed by fortune 500 companies
  • Support more apps than Bitcoin
  • 2nd largest crypto on planet

Biggest Reason to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Continuous upward graph with a lot of developments this year

dash one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 20189- Dash

  • From $5 to $758 per coin in 4 years
  • Market cap of $5 billion
  • Enjoys real support of CTM
  • Fastest transaction speed
  • Better mining facilities


bitcoincash - best cryptocurrency to invest in 20188-  Bitcoin cash

  • From $256 to over 1500$ per month, this crypto has never let down any of it’s investors.
  • First one to introduce peer to peer electronic cash
  • most of the mining is done outside Korea so prices won’t fluctuate on next news
  • Market cap of over $25 billion
  • Ended up in profit in all the recent 4 years
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7- Ethereum Classic

  • From $0.7 to $27.5 this is 27 times multiply your current investment.
  • Market cap of $2 billion means this one is above on the rise sooner or later.
  • ETC is having some serious media coverage.
  • Fixed cap monetary policy
  • Having clients like Microsoft, Linux, making it something trustworthy.


6- Monero

  • From $10 to $300+ now. This is what we call progress
  • Market cap of $4 billion
  • Promising upward graph
  • A real anonymity is adapted by this cryptocurrency
  • A lot of new developments in 2018


5- Litecoin

  • From $0.001 to $183 now.
  • That means you can expect it to turn your $100 to $1000 by the end of 2018 at the very least.
  • A not so talked about coin is ranked 7 that means this is the underdog of coins
  • If you are optimistic, you know how well it can turn out to be
  • Market cap of over $9 billion


4- Tron

  • From $0.003 to $0.06 now.
  • Don’t get confused by coins. If it’s $3 then it would have been $600 by now
  • Market cap $4 billion
  • It’s a no-fee cryptocurrency trading
  • Accepted by Netflix in China

Oh and don’t take it’s icon seriously. All we need is profit, right?


3- Stellar

  • Let me tell you folks it has one of the most impressive upward graphs.
  • Market cap of $1 billion.
  • considered one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency.
  • You should invest now before next buddy finds this article.
  • 5000% increase in less than a year.


4- NEO

  • From $0.2 to a whopping $135 per coin now.
  • Do you thing NEO will rest in peace this year?
  • Market cap of $8 billion
  • One of the leaders in developing blockchain network.
  • Fastest growing crypto since 2018 begins

3- Omisego

  • From $0.5 to $15. You should definitely keep an eye on this one
  • Lots and lots of development initiatives
  • provides verifiable transactions as tokens are transferred
  • Accepted by McDonalds Thailand
  • Trying to connect several payment systems


2- Vechain

  • This has shown us one of the most powerful graphs
  • From $0.06 to $6.98 within a year
  • Market cap of $3 billion
  • Significant regulatory developments this year
  • Backed by Top Financial Institutions


1- EOS

  • Why is it number 1 on our list?
  • Jumped from $1 to $14 within 3 months
  • In news and a lot of developments, events etc
  • $9 Billion Market Cap
  • Two big names attached Asset Vault, Insure A Thing


so you have got half of the answer to

The best cryptocurrency investment strategy in 2018

As We have reserved 3rd part of our funds for secure investment, this is our – prepare for the worst – part of the plan. Let’s say you have 10,000 US Dollars to Invest online. Investing $4000 among these top 10 currencies will make sure that We are not doomed even if we lose everything else.

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These cryptos can still replace our loss by the end the of year. Things are just getting interesting now as We dive in how to spend rest of $600 because this is where we get a chance to “Make a fortune” out of remaining $600.

Let’s get on to Part 2

Best Cryptocurrency to invest now in 2018:

(Remember the 25% risk – 75% secure plan?)

10 – DigixDAODigixDAO


  • From $79 to $250 within 3 weeks
  • Market cap of 500 million


9- Hshare Hshare


  • From $8 to $17 within 3 weeks
  • Market cap of $7 million


8- Steem Steem


  • From $1 to $6 within 3 weeks
  • market cap of over $1.5 billion


7- Walton Walton


  • From $22 to $36 within 3 weeks
  • Market cap of 0.5 million


6- IOStoken IOStoken


  • From $0.02 to $0.09 – 4 times the money (within 3 weeks)
  • Market cap – $6 million


5- Aeternity Aeternity


  • From $1 to $2.55, Double the money in 3 weeks
  • $6 million market


4 – Storm  Storm


  • From $0.07 to $1 within 3 weeks. That’s triple the money
  • $2 million market


3- AragonAragon


  • From $2 to $7.  That’s $250 top on your 100$ spent
  • $1.9 million market


2- Theta Token Theta Token


  • From $0.1 to $0.3 i.e making $200 profit within 3 weeks if you spend $100
  • $1.6 million market


1- AschAsch


  • From $0.4 to $1.4 within 3 weeks. That means getting $1000 as a Thank you note if you spend $400
  • $1.3 million market


The end of 25% risk – 75% safe investment strategy

Now that We have spent 700$ from $1000, We have got $300 left in bucket. We have made up our mind that this can either make you rich or just drown for good.

Even if you get nothing else, you will get experience.

So this $300 is our ACE. The best way to win the game is buying newly launched coins or tokens or take part in ICOs.

Can you see these green boxes? That means if you have invested in these coins you could have doubled or tripled your money within 2 to 3 days. How cool is that?

So We are going to list

10 New coins to invest just now, I mean even if you are reading this anytime in 2018. It would be a good chance to make a profit because cryptocurrencies may take up to 3 years to reach their full potential and until that time there is always profit.

10- Coin Meet CoinMeet

Selling at $0.2 per coin


9- Smartlands Smartlands

Selling at $0.3 per token


8-  OriginTrail OriginTrail

Selling at $0.3 per coin


7- AidCoinAidCoin

Selling at $0.6 per coin

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Selling at $0.4 per token


5- Odyssey Odyssey

Selling at $0.05 per coin



Selling at $0.005 per coin


3- Block Array Block Array

Selling at $0.3 per coin


2-Trinity Network Credit Trinity Network Credit

Selling at $0.2 per coin


1- Lightchain LightChain

Selling at $0.007 per coin



  1. Invest in part 1 of this strategy and hold your coins for a year or so to “prepare for the Worst”
  2. Then comes Part 2. Spend on these 10 coins and hold for 3 to 6 months to resell
  3. Investing in a 3rd part which is new coins. Try to resell as soon as you see the profit.
  4. Repeat point 3.


Tips to Invest in Cryptocurrency 2018

Most of these tips will point at these few precautions.

  1. Don’t Hyper Sell:
    Don’t just go out for the next Google news and sell your coins. Even if your coin falls by 20% there is a very good chance that it will regain it’s value in 2 if not 1 month.
  2. Deal in few:
    There is a reason why we emphasized so much on the graph. If a coin has an upward graph and gave you profit once. Wait for the next dip and re-buy that coin to make the profit again.
  3. Resist the Gold-Sayers
  4. Focus and be consistent:
    Don’t let yourself get off the rail. Stay focused and be consistent. It will take you far ahead of your competitors. You will act mature and money will get serious about you. Yes, it will follow you. Don’t be a kid in Crypto trading who would be crying soon if he doesn’t get his toy.
  5. Be – Open-minded:
    That means accepting new prices, shouldn’t be that hard. You have got a Goal and We are working on that next dream you are looking to fulfill.  Whether it’s a car or leaving your job or a Home. Keep that in mind.
  6. Don’t mix up:
    If a coin is at a low price today. Don’t sell your profit gaining coin to cover the loss. We are looking to fill the glass of wine and ordering a new bottle, not filling another half to make it look like 2.

Closing Thoughts:

We don’t need any other info or plan, We have covered most of the tips in our plan already. So don’t miss any part of above article even if you are in hurry. It’s worth your next big Cryptocurrency investment.


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