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4 Bitcoin Alternatives That You Need for 2018

Forget the bitcoin. If you want better yields, buy these altcoins in the new year!

Whether you appreciate cryptocurrencies or believe that it is a scam, you have undoubtedly listened to bitcoin. Even Jim Cramer of Mad Money talks about the digital tab, although clearly not in a comfortable way. You may feel that you have lost the boat, which is a very common reason. But if you are still willing to dive in the blockchain, the alternatives of bitcoins, also called altcoins, are your best option.

What are altcoins exactly? The expression comes from the combination of two words: “everything” for alternative and “currency” for virtual currency. Simply, altcoin cryptocurrencies are different from the original bitcoin. A few years ago, these alternatives received little coverage. But with the bitcoin floating more than $ 10,000 in November last year, Altcoin lists are sold as a career light.

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The reasoning is obvious: bitcoin only has the form of pure prices. According to, Bitcoin has the second highest unit price, around $ 2,450 each. Only another digital token has a four-digit price.

Psychologically, investors prefer to acquire entire entities of an asset, not “fractional ownership.” Doing it with bitcoins is priceless. But with different altcoins to buy that have a good price of less than $ 10, these tokens are much easier to buy in full.

But not all the encryption curves are identical. Some have a clear advantage over others, which makes them ideal games, especially for newcomers. Here are four altcoins to buy in 2018 if you missed the bitcoin to!

Bitcoin Alternatives: NEM


The first time I saw NEM as a cryptocurrency idea for our InvestorPlace readers in October of last year. With a price of less than 21 cents at that time, NEM was one of the cheapest large altars. As my article was one of the most frequented on the subject, I sincerely hope that my readers have acted on my proposal. Today, the NEM Award is one dollar less than $ 2.

When performing the calculations, the NEM jumped about 800% in two and a half months. You will not find stocks that buy shares in pedestrian markets. My best absolute shareholder, Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC), only reached 447% in half a year. On the other hand, you can take less risk with altcoins and earn more money than in traditional markets.

Of course, most people may be afraid of more than 800% moving and believe that the best is behind us. But consider the remarkable case of wrinkles. Like NEM, wrinkles are a highly diluted sign, with almost 39 billion coins in circulation. It has not stopped jumping from 19 cents to almost $ 4 in the last three months.

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More importantly, NEM proves to be a better block. While the shock wave focuses exclusively on the rationalization of banking transactions, NEM blockchain is open to multiple applications. In addition, companies are attracted to NEM because blockchain is scalable to an increasing demand.

Considering the success of similar balconies, you would be crazy if you did not try NEM!

Bitcoin Alternatives: Ethereum


Prior to the wrinkle coin rally mentioned above, the ethereum number was two currencies coded at market value. Despite the shocking explosion of wave prices, ethereum still gives it great respect. Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, offers ethereum in its commercial platform, without problems. But it may surprise some beginners that ethereum is not the original coin that bears his name.

This honor belongs to classical ethics. The whole history of how the classical world was born ethically and ethically was beyond the scope of this article. But along a short story, in the process of creating a fully developed market for the original atmosphere, a hacker exploited a gap in the system, giving the opportunity to be emptied by the theaters. The cryptos community panicked when the ethereum supporters discussed a solution.

A consensus of supporters decided to make a hard force of the etheric blocks. There were, however, a considerable number of dissidents. He protested against hard fork based on the fact that he violated the infinite principle of a blockchain application. Instead of following the new path of the blockchain, the dissidence remained in the original. This is how classic ethereum came.

The wired etheric room is what most investors are happy about today, and rightly so. The price will probably exceed $ 1,000. However, Ethereum Classic is the best deal. At less than $ 33, it would be a phenomenal investment if the original could double half the success of the circular version.

Bitcoin Alternatives: Steem

Bitcoin Alternatives Steem

The biggest doubt that investors have about altcoins is that they really need money to acquire virtual currencies. We often hear criticism that bitcoin is simply a vapor that is destined to disappear and eliminates billions of real dollars. But, what if there was a way to buy cryptocurrencies for free? Steem is the answer to this apparently rhetorical question.

The Steem coin is the underlying cryptocurrency of Steemit, a social networking platform with blockchain support. Unlike Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) or Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR), ordinary people can earn money by placing original content. Before rejecting Steemit as good to be an adventure, look at the network. With just one publication you can earn hundreds of dollars, even thousands.

Even better, you can transfer the coins you earn to an external party such as Bittrex. Using my Bittrex manual for beginners, you can easily sell your stein coins to bitcoin. From there you have access to hundreds of altcoins. The use of the Steemit network is undoubtedly the least risky way to create a cryptocurrency portfolio.

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However, there is a catch: it is very difficult to create a profitable Steem account just by blogging. To “increase” your profit potential, you can buy “power potency” currencies. This is, of course, a capital risk.

But with the biggest altars flying through the roof, today you can get great benefits if you work with Steem today.

Bitcoin Alternatives: Stellar

Bitcoin Alternatives Stellar

It is difficult to imagine that assets with a price below one dollar have a solid profit potential. Hardened market investors understand that penny stocks are usually attractive because of their unit price. But with youth comes blissful ignorance. While older investors avoid cheap investments such as the plague, the Millennium cryptocurrency drives investors towards those who fly with a stench.

When it comes to digital markets, pay to listen to young people. This applies especially to stars. A little over a week ago, the stellar hands acted at 22 cents. At the time of writing, the digital tab reached a surprising distance of one dollar. It’s a serious achievement given the ridiculously short time frame.

More importantly, I think the star has extra space to run. Unlike bitcoin scalability, the block of stars closes transactions in seconds, not hours or days. As the blockchain concept becomes a daily reality, the speed of the transaction will be crucial.

In addition, the star expands fast transactions in Fiat currencies. For example, users can quickly convert dollars to euros instead of relying on troubled and expensive banks. Due to the potentially used International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) Stellar blockchain to develop a payment system with large banks.

With so many options and a price available, the star is one of the best altcoins to buy in 2018!

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