New Top 5 Coins to Invest in 2018

5 Best New Coins (Cryptocurrency) to Invest in 2018

If you are just getting started investing in Crypto Currency in 2018, not to worry because there are many like us who had no idea before December 2017 what the heck is Crypto.

Here are 5 new coins with the upward trend since last few months that are 90% expected to continue going upwards in upcoming months.

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1- Skycoin

With 1 Skycoin priced at $11 at the start of December 2017, now sitting at $37 there is an expected increase of 500% over the next few months, probably 6 or 7. That means investing $1000 would probably get you $5,000 in 6 months or so. Worst of the worst you will get to double your money within this period.

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Current Price: $37 per coin

2- Stratis

Started at just under $9 in December, this coin jumps right up to $21 in less than 2 months & expected Trend is UPWARDS in coming days. With this speed, staying at the safe side, it can increase its value up to 300% in 3 months giving you $3000 back if you invest $1000 now.

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Current Price: $21 per coin


3- Shift

Like the name suggests a coin from Poland has gained $8+ in less than 40 days. It’s valued market $2 approx. in December and now selling at slightly under $10 per coin. Expect increase is 400%. Hmm, investing $1000 in this coin can make up to $4000 in 3 to 4 months. Keep in mind 6 months to be on the safe side..

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Current Price: $9 per coin


4- Dovu

Started at 0.1 now selling at 0.6. If you love to see the larger number of coins in your wallet, this one is for you. just in case you don’t understand in figures, it increases its value by 500% that means investing $1K (1000 USD) will make you $5000 by the end of June 2018. Dove can be a Tofu in your Coins Investment. A really good new coin investment in this crazy year of 2018.

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Current price $0.6 per coin


5- Russia Coin

Well, you have bought coins backed by Oil companies, business tycoons, Venture Capitalists. How about buying a Coin backed by Government officials. Sounds like more trustable or more of Gamble for you depending upon Government reviews in your country. Well, I do apologize if your feelings were hurt.

Nevertheless, this coin has increased in value by over 1000% that means if current trend carries on, you can make as much as $10K in 6 months or so. How about that?

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Current price $6.91 USD


1 Extra Recommendation?

Hmmm, let us give you something that’s more of a stable thing to invest in that will bring you closer to something safer. We are talking about CV Coin. Started at $0.2 and now priced at over $3, this coin is a must-invest place for any new investment in coins.

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Current Price: $3.31


Disclaimer: This article is intended as a general conclusion of ongoing trends. Payme0 Inc. accepts no liability in case of any financial loss made as a result of these suggestions. Financial Markets have their own risks and represent a liability while getting investments.


Although, We are not very hopeful that you ‘ll listen to us but still it’s our Moral Duty to advise the best. We consider Payme0 just like our 1 big family of Customers investing with us so here it goes.

“Invest in these coins only what you have spare. Don’t disturb your savings, don’t spend your hard earned cash but only what you have spare. For what you will have no regret if lost”

80% of the financial advisers call it a Gold rush and advise their fellow Americans to stay away from investing in coins. We would advise the same

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