5 critical traffic techniques for newbies

5 Traffic Lessons Every New Blogger/Website Owner Must Know About

1- Aim for Quality not Quantity

In this first lesson, we are going to talk a little about the importance of using proven traffic generation techniques, so that you don’t waste your time on the ones that just don’t work.

When it comes to getting more visitors to the website the most important things to remember is that the strength is not in big numbers, it is in the quality of traffic you receive, as well as the methods you use to generate it.

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can drive traffic to the web page. In fact, you could spend a lifetime trying one tip, trick or technique after another, without achieving your desired results, because there are new methods developed all the time.

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Bottom line, if you want to achieve real and sustainable results then you should focus your attention on proven effective techniques that work and save the new tricks and trends for when you have free time to experiment.

The first technique we are going to discuss is one that anyone with a website should always employ and that is search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO.

This method has been a proven to work for every type of website ever since the search engines started listing and categorizing web pages in directories. It entails making your site search engine friendly and easy to find.

For this it works, you should focus your attention on at least one of three major search engines, Google, Yahoo! or Bing. I say one because each one of these three has different parameters for organizing their links. It’s important to become familiar with their different requirements if you want to attract as much (free) traffic as possible.

Out of the three, Google is the most popular. Since Google is a context-based search engine (which means it ranks content-rich websites higher), you can use simple methods to improve your PageRank.

Research keywords related to your site topic, and then use them strategically in your content. Google ranks web pages based on the number of currently popular keywords it contains. Just be careful, because they also frown on too many keywords (stuffing) on a single page.

Apart from using good keywords, the overall content is important too. A good rule is to include at least 250 words of content on every web page so that Google will index it.

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The content should be updated regularly as well. Google is looking for dynamic content that provides value to the reader. Content that is fresh and relevant is attractive to visitors and that leads Google to believe that it should be ranked higher.

One thing that all search engines have in common is that they keep track of the number of visitors your site receives, so according to them, the more visits the more value. That is what makes SEO a solid strategy that shouldn’t be ignored.

2- Articles Submission is not important, it’s Critical

Submitting articles for traffic generation is a method that has been around just about, as long as search engine directories and it is still an extremely powerful way to attract targeted responsive traffic.

The fact that search engines like Google rank content-rich websites higher is what makes it so dependable and effective. It is also a very effective SEO method, which makes it even more powerful.

The concept is simple and you may already be familiar with the process. You write an article and include specifically chosen keywords and then you submit it to various article directories.

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The key to success with this method is in the bio box at the bottom of the article where you can put in your name, business, and a link to the website that you want to drive traffic to. Every directory is different, but most of them will also allow you to add a brief description of your business, product or service. If they do make sure that, you use the extra space to your advantage.

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This way when a person reads your article will be more likely to click on the link to visit your site, get more information and become a solid lead for your business.

There are hundreds of article directories available, most of which are free. Keep in mind that the more places you submit your articles the better your chances are of increasing your traffic.

Here is a quick list of some of the most popular article directories:
Ezine Articles: http://www.ezinearticles.com

iSnare: http://www.isnare.com

Go Articles: http://www.goarticles.com

Articles Base: http://www.articlesbase.com

Article City: http://www.articlecity.com

Article Alley: http://www.articlealley.com

As I mentioned, there are many, so when it comes to choosing which directories to submit articles to, look for ones that have a lot of activity and are ranked high in the search engines.

You can submit the same article on several of these directories, which is what many publishers do. However, it’s important to keep the same author name, or you could be accused of plagiarism.

The best practice is to make a slight variation in the articles when submitting to each directory so that they are a little bit different.

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To make your job faster and easier you can use the content spinning software. It can produce variations of an article so that they aren’t considered duplicate content by search engines. There are some free and paid options available, just do a search online and you will find several to try. Just be aware that often the quality of spun articles is not very good, so you will need to do some manual editing once they are spun.

Here are a couple of spinners you can check out:

The Best Spinner: http://www.thebestspinner.com
Spinner Chief: http://www.spinnerchief.com

That’s it for today’s lesson. Look for your next lesson soon. We are going to go over another proven tactic that you can use to drive traffic to your site.

3- Blog and Forum Posting

Even though blogs and forums are different from each other, there is one thing they have in common. They are both interactive and allow visitors to post comments on them, which is why they are the excellent tool for driving traffic.

Hundreds, if not thousands of new blogs are started every day. Their creators use them to share industry specific information about their brand, products, and services. The key to success with this method of traffic generation is in the links.

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While it is customary to include links at the bottom of your posts, much like a bio box in article marketing, you can also add links to the body of your text. This is referred to as contextual linking. Most blogging platforms have WYSIWYG editors that make adding links to specific keywords within your text extremely easy.

It’s not necessary for you to have your own blog to drive traffic to them. You can offer to be a guest blogger for someone else’s blog or simply find blogs related to your target audience and leave relevant and informative comments on their existing posts, with a mention of your business and when the possible link back to your website.

If you do decide that you want to start your own blog there are a few options available including:

– Blogger (www.blogger.com)

– Type Pad (www.typepad.com)

– Square Space (www.squarespace.com)

– WordPress (www.wordpress.com)

WordPress is one of the most popular and flexible blogging platforms available. It allows you to set up your blog on their hosted site at WordPress.com or install their software on your own domain for seamless integration into your business.

There are also other options available like Hubpages and Squidoo where you can also post content designed to drive traffic to your website.

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Forums follow a similar principle. For this method to work you have to follow threads and join in on the conversation.  Another nice thing about using this method is that you can find online forms related to almost any topic you desire which makes it much easier to target your audience. Simply search online and you should find several available in your niche.

For instance, if you have products related to “bass fishing” you could search for “bass fishing forum.”

Forums often yield better results than blogs because they already have members that are usually very passionate about the topics discussed, which makes them predisposed to products and services in the marketplace

4- Email marketing

Some say, if you are not doing it you are leaving money on the table.

The actual process of email marketing involves sending information through email or via autoresponder to the people on your list. The emails can contain any type of relevant information you wish to convey to your subscriber.

For this method to work you have to build a list of subscribers. To do this you have first get visitors to your website and then entice them to perform some type of activity, such as downloading an ebook, report, subscribing to an opt-in list or newsletter. In exchange for the information, they will provide you with their email address and permission to contact them again.

People who opt into your list have already shown their interest in what you have to offer, which makes it much easier to convert them into paying customers.

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Even though the ultimate goal is selling your products and services, you should avoid pitching your offers right away. At first, simply follow up with them by providing them with something of value and very subtly nudge them to perform additional actions, such as visit your site, take advantage of a special offer or pick up a nice gift. This way you can begin to build a trusting relationship with them and they will be more inclined to make a purchase from you in the future.

Here are a few types of emails you can:

– The latest industry news

– Tips, pointers or guidelines

– How-to information

– Free gift and discounts

– Company, product and site updates

– Customer surveys and polls

– Success stories and testimonials from happy customers etc.

Another thing that makes Email marketing an effective method for generating traffic is that you can also automate the whole process with a good list management or autoresponder software or online service.

There are many of these services with free and paid options. When you’re first getting started a free service can be very attractive. However, they usually include advertising from third parties, so you must be prepared for the extra competition.

There is also software that you can install. Once you create the lead capture pages and email containing the service will handle your subscriptions and send out your content according to intervals you choose. Making it a virtually hands free system.

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When shopping for a service like this you should look for one that allows you to create multiple campaigns, so that you can target consumers with different offers.

Here are a few you can check out:

Constant Contact www.constantcontact.com

Aweber www.aweber.com

Get Response www.getresponse.com

Mail Chimp www.mailchimp.com

While most people never complain about getting good information in their email, especially when they signed up to receive it, it is extremely important to be compliant with all of the laws and regulations associated with email marketing. You can find out more about these laws by visiting the FTC website at http://www.business.ftc.gov

The best practice is to always use a double opt-in process, where your subscriber receives a confirmation email from you and must click on the link inside it to confirm their subscription to your list. This will help avoid confusion, spam complaints. it also qualifies your lead even further, which means they really want to know more about what you have to offer.

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While email marketing doesn’t generate massive amounts of traffic right away, it provides targeted leads for your business and that is what makes it an indispensable part of your traffic getting process.

5- Viral Marketing

Get social, walk around. Aim for Tumbler, Reddit, and Twitter.

The first one it viral marketing. This isn’t just an internet-based concept; it applies to any type of business whether it’s online or off. It’s commonly referred to as, word of mouth advertising or marketing buzz and it works just as well today as it did a few decades ago.

Viral marketing often occurs naturally when someone who has used a product or service speaks positively about it to another person. For instance, if you try a new shampoo and recommend it to your friend, you are marketing the shampoo virally.

On the Internet, if you post a positive comment about a product or a service, you are marketing it virally. In fact, even if you criticize a product, you are still marketing it virally.

The reason behind this is it increases the recall value of your business; product or service and consumers begin to identify with your brand. The product becomes more recognizable and searchable on the Internet.

These day’s social networking sites are excellent venues for marketing products and services virally. It works especially well video and photo sharing sites, because who doesn’t like to share an engaging video or photo with their friends. Hence, the success of sites like YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and more recently Instagram.

The creative aspect of this method viral provides an endless supply of potential. With it you can literally transmit your marketing message on multiple platforms including; video games, online games, ebooks, software, images, text messages, mobile devices.

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You can also combine it with the other proven methods that we have already discussed, like email campaigns, posting on blogs, forums and FYI articles make excellent viral marketing tools.

The second method we are going to discuss also works very well with viral marketing and that is the time-tested giveaway strategy.

“Give and ye shall receive.” This age-old adage works in all aspects of life and especially in business. When you give something away, it brings in more prospects for your online business.

For this method to work you have to giveaway is something of value. It should be something that your target audience will appreciate and remember. This method not only drives traffic it helps build your list and your credibility.

Much like email marketing, when you give something away, you should set up a lead capture page, also known as a squeeze page, so when someone wants your gift, they’re required to provide you with their email address in return. This way you can add them to your mailing list for future contact.

After they have filled out the form, you can set it up so they automatically directed to a download page where they can access the gift. You can do this with a good autoresponder service like Aweber, Getresponse or MailChimp, as we discussed in the last lesson.

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While there are literally hundreds of different ways, you can drive traffic to your site. The methods we have discussed over the last several days are proven effective and time tested. When implemented properly and used consistently they will provide you with an almost unlimited supply of targeted traffic for your website, blog or any other page you desire.

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