Best Places to Invest Money

One of the major reasons for most of the people not to start investing is that they are not well familiar with how to invest money and what’s best way to invest money? There are hundreds of investment plans offered by brokerage accounts but that are way too inordinate for an investor. Many people find it risky to invest in stocks and also don’t want to take the headache of doing monotonous research.

There are 3 important things to invest money successfully:

  1. Invest money periodically.
  2. Buying assets that pay bonus and get valued over time.
  3. Invest in various assets to reduce the risk.

Online investing platforms provide you with such opportunities. There is an increasing number of ways for online investing and it probably is the best way to invest money to make good return. So if you are seeking best places to invest money, online investing has been one of the most up-to-the-minute places to park your money.



Betterment is the fundamental substitute for hundreds of stock and fund investment plans. Rather than selecting individual investment plans you just have to specify your risk acceptance from extremely conventional to highly violent and you will be provided with the best options accordingly.

It diversifies your money into 2 portfolios, one is stock and the other is bond. The percentage of each portfolio varies on the basis of your risk tolerance and can be changed at any time. An average portfolio earns 7.86%.

Stocks – For a better diversification, the Betterment uses 6 ETFs from Vanguard and also iShares. They own thousands of US and overseas companies and hence it’s similar to owing a tiny part of each company.

Bonds – It uses 2 ETFs from iShares that are supported by the US government. Thus it’s an income source with low risk.

Betterment charges no transaction fee or hidden costs and their annual fee is 0.15 to 0.35% but it depends on your balance. You can start to invest money by a regular investment account or a typical Roth or IRA.



Motif is one of the best places to invest money. It provides a simple platform to invest money with a complete control over selected companies. With Motif you can make a basket of up to 30 stocks or ETFs, 50 most liked Facebook pages or also in a real-world development. Thus you can build your own motifs on the basis of your insights, turn them into investments and get high returns.

You can also select the motifs of your choice and customize them according to your will such as by adding or deleting the stocks or changing their weightage. You can create an investing circle in which you can share insights and invite friends. If provides you a platform for diversifying across countries and sectors by investing in multiple motifs. .

You can start to invest money with Motif by at least $1000 deposit and then buy a motif for $250. They charge no management fee but a commission rate of $9.95.



It’s the newly launched online service that provides average investors with such products that were only available to the investors with high cash value. They offer Aspiration Flagship Fund which is a merge of mutual funds intended for better growth of invested money in the long run. It’s made to deal with instabilities and by using advanced strategies, monitoring global trends and collaborative acts; it is able to make money regardless of ups and downs in the stock market.

They are offering a regular account with yet no retirement account plan. You can start investing by $500 and up to $100,000. They don’t ask for a flat fee instead they let you decide to what you should pay to them for managing your money and thus it’s a best way to invest money.



FutureAdvisor provides you an online platform for money investment advisory. Their aim is to provide their customers and ordinary Americans, an eminent financial advice. Similar to IRA or an online brokerage account, they manage your own investments and also the one you buy through them.

By taking into account fair advice, tax competency, diversification and index funds, they provide a complete, top level portfolio. To increase your return, you can add FutureAdvisor at a management level to your existing accounts. They use computer simulation for evaluating your investments and hence suggest the most ideal approach to share out your cash.

They charge 0.5% annually for managing your investments and work through 2 renowned brokerage firms, one is Fidelity and the other is TA Ameritrade.



Wikinvest is worthy of a notice whenever you discuss online investment services and best places to invest money. Its Portfolio Manager gives you a chance to make the most utilization of your online investment portfolios. The data import tools on its site permits you to effectively and rapidly setup your portfolio account by getting information from other brokerage sites with a couple clicks.

It allows you to not only monitor all your accounts at a single place but also provide easy way to use analytical tools for your portfolio. Wikinvest make your investment decisions safer by providing organizational reviews and monitoring their performance.


Payme0 is one of the secure online platforms for online investing your money. We are specialized in providing budget friendly packages to help you kick start your entry into the online world. It’s a great opportunity to earn a living online as you just have to invest money into a package plan and let us manage the rest.

Payme0 offers websites and provide management services. Its packages start from $3000 and goes up to $24000. You have to submit your payment to Escrow, which smooths the process of e-commerce and ensure secure agreement. You will be provided with your plan, profit estimation, website management services and daily work reports.

 So you just have to invest your money and sit back to get profit as Payme0 will do everything on your behalf. Payme0 charge 30% of net profit, which means it doesn’t charge until you get paid. It ensures you 30% ROI in 11 month and makes profit only when you do.

“When we own portions of outstanding businesses with outstanding managements, our favorite holding period is forever.”

— Warren Buffett

Payme0 is a secure place to invest online and buy websites business. You just need to invest according to your budget and We will take care of the rest. Nothing to pay other than the maintenance cost until your websites make money.

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