If you want to buy a website that makes money, first of all, you need to know all the primary elements of a website. You can’t purchase a website until you don’t know the basics.

 1. What is a Website?  

In the first place, you should know the difference between a webpage and a website. A website is something made up of different web pages. Similarly, you can say that a collection of different web pages is a website.

When you write something on a search bar of Google it opens up with different options for you, by clicking on them you get to a webpage. Whereas, typing a URL address in the main search bar and getting to a site is the website.

Moreover, a webpage comprises of text, images, graphics, animations, etc. Whereas the website links you to different web pages and descriptions of what you can find there.

Correspondingly, you should keep in mind while managing or creating a website that it is for others, not for your own self. So you have to create a website as a mean of communication and easy for people to understand.

2. Types of Website

Before the World Wide Web were introduced educational institutes and government agencies had text-only websites. Comparatively, this is the time when you have more than one type of websites you can consider. Basic types of websites are:

a. Very Common Websites

  • Personal Websites

The domain registrar you own will offer you some free space to create your own custom website, which you can use personally. Of course, which will include your family photos or the things you write for yourself only. As well as these are the websites you use to stay in contact with the people you know like family and friends. Moreover, these websites are not recommended to run a business.


  • Photo-Sharing Websites

The software you install on your laptop or phone today, whether it is a window, android or mac. It comes up with a specific website which helps you share and edit pictures with the help of internet.
In like manner, this software is known as a photo sharing website. For e.g. Flicker.com for mac and Picasa for Windows.

b. Websites Helpful for Small Businesses

  • Writer’s Websites

The websites utilized by writers for publishing the stuff they write are the writer’s websites. Additionally, they may include different social websites also where they make pages for public and write content on a specific topic. 
It can also be an official website of a famous writer for the queries and the biography of the writer. Moreover, on his website he can introduce his upcoming projects and about the projects in the past.


  • Blogging Websites

Blogs are something which is taking over the internet. Moreover, every youngster today wants to start up a blog for the thing they are good in, which is a good initiative. In fact, people write blogs on different topics, topics of the audience’s interest and topics from daily life.
These are done on the websites you make for the blog writing. They can be made through WordPress etc.

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c. Essential for Small Businesses

  • Online Businesses

The websites established for the advertisement of different products you sell online. Usually a type of website which is for entrepreneurs, through which they describe the facts of their product.

Moreover, a clothing website by a girl on which she sells clothes designed herself, or a makeup website where the owner sells branded makeup not present in your country.

  • E-commerce Websites

Websites dealt by professionals and deal on large scale are e-commerce websites. The authenticity of these websites can be measured by their popularity in people.

As well as, you don’t need to log in or make an account for such websites. You can simply buy or sell products through them. An example of such a website is Amazon affiliate websites.

3. Why Buy a Website That Makes Money

There are many reasons for buying a website. It becomes necessary to buy a website if you are running a business over the internet. Similarly, if you are not running a business over the internet you need to buy a website that makes money to increase the value and selling of your product. Today everyone uses the internet and more the people get familiar with your product the more they will buy it.

Here are some of the reasons which will motivate you to buy a website:

  • Firstly, people, today prefer searching for a product online rather than roaming around. So as a matter of fact, make your presence visible on the internet by introducing your product there. And you can make it possible through a website.
  • Secondly, you will have a mean to advertise your product in less money. People trust the product when you will present it in different ways, with pictures and descriptions.
  • Run an advertisement campaign on social platforms of your website, and don’t forget to mention your web address. You will have more people coming to your website by introducing it on different platforms. In like manner, it will increase the selling rate of your product.
  • You can make a webpage on your website and answer all frequently asked questions by your customers. So the people who have queries can get an answer to their question easily and without asking.
  • You can add an option for referrals to your website. Initially, it will result in more customers coming towards you. The people who visit your website will refer it further to their friends if they like your product.

4. Why Buying a Website is a Safe Investment?

Buying a website is not really a trend of investment among people. Comparatively, people usually invest in real estate or stocks or somewhere else but are insecure about investing in a website. So why not give them reasons for investing it on a website rather than somewhere else when it can give better revenue.
Here are some of the advantages you get in the investment of a website:

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a. A Better Return

Suppose, you buy a website for $36,000, and then you gain a profit of $2000 per month. In like manner, it will make up to $24,000 yearly and you will get the return price of a website in almost one and a half year. Whereas, the playback timing of a real estate is 5 or at least 3.5 years.

As a result, you will start having profit for yourself in a really short period of time after you buy a website online.

b. Control on Price

There are different factors which influence the prices of your website. Such as website traffic, domain name, colors, animations, etc.

Suppose, in a market, you can’t control rates of gold or stocks. Comparatively, you can control the rate of a website. So the investment you make is to gain the profit. But what if you don’t get the profit when you need it the most? While buying a website you are not bound by the rates of the market.
Instead of it you create your own rate and imply it on the market.

c. Rate of Risk

Whenever you invest your money somewhere there is a risk of loss. You can’t control the risk of loss if it is happening.
Firstly, while investing in real estate you are in secured that if the market crashes you will lose all of your money. Secondly, when you are investing in stocks of a company and the company is not going in a profit itself it will take your money to the loss as well.

Comparatively, when you invest in buying a website you only have a single risk of losing the website traffic. Moreover, the plus point is that it can be recovered and it is not a risk. There are a million ways to drive traffic to your website so yes.

d. Special Knowledge for Investment

A myth which has been in trend since always is that there is rocket science to understand how to buy a website. People think that we require some special kind of knowledge to buy a website. Whereas, the truth is that we actually need knowledge for every kind of investment not only for buying a website.

Moreover, if anyone is investing in stocks do you really think that he will read 10k reports annually about the company’s operations? No. In light of this example, we come to know that every investment needs a particular kind of knowledge. Similarly, people need to understand the fact that to buy a website business is not something out of the world. Additionally, you can get some basic knowledge about it and buy a website.

e. Barriers to Buying Process

To buy a real estate property first you go through different options. Secondly, it has a lot of paper works. Thirdly, it requires different approvals by the government and other organizations. It is a much-complicated procedure which takes up to months.

Whereas, to buy a website for passive income you can just go to Payme0.com and follow their easy instructions. It doesn’t even require months. It is a quick process as compared to other investments. In some cases, you might get confused because websites are more expensive than stocks. Of course, but it is a method of investment in which you will have to cry less.

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f. Regular Maintenance

Wherever you invest your money, the things need maintenance. When it comes to real estate it needs a different kind of inquiries, dealing with the customers, as well as maintaining your property. Of course, you can hire a property dealer for it but surely it will cost you a lot of money. According to your property, the property dealer will have a particular amount of share it.
Similarly, for a website, you also need a web host who charges you money but will keep your websites maintained throughout the time. Comparatively, it will be a lot cheaper than the property dealer you hire for the management.

g. Comparison


CharacteristicsWebsitesReal EstateStocks
A Better RunHighLowMedium
Control on Price ( high is good)HighMediumLow
Rate of RiskLowMediumHigh
Special KnowledgeMediumMediumMedium
Barriers to Buying ProcessMediumHighLow
Regular MaintenanceMediumHighLow

5. How do I Buy a Website?

Simply, got to Payme0.com and go after simple rules mentioned there and you can buy a website that makes money. While buying a website at Payme0 where you don’t have to anguish about after-sale prosperity.

Commonly, websites for sale are well granted and buyers may think these are low-cost websites to make huge but they are NOT. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

No doubt, the potential profits are huge when you buy a website or buy WEBSITES online but please make sure you are appointed to keep those earnings on a certain level. On the other handbuy a Website with Payme0 & it’s profitable.

The next steps are very simple;

  • Assign money to Escrow
  • You will get proper research and the future idea of your newly purchased websites.
  • Audit the report and discharge the Escrow (payment)
  • Your domains are enrolled and you will start getting reports of Work done on your
  • Produce money, divide the profit.
  • Put again your investments.