Buy Websites as a Business, Everything you need!

complete guide to buying websites as a business
Found your next inspiration? Great! not everyone feels motivated everyday to overcome his passion. As said by Dalai Lama
[pullquote align=center]In order to carry a positive action, We must develop here a positive vision.

[/pullquote] The thing is without these ingredients of making a successful Website Purchase, you can lose a lot of money and leave this opportunity for someone else to grab. The good news is buying a website online does not need planning the way any other business needs.
You can get started right now. Here is the list of few minor details you need to take care of.

Types of Websites for Sale:

There are primarily two kinds of Websites you will find online.

  1. Adsense Sites
  2. Affiliate Sites

Adsense Websites

First one is the most popular of kinds. There are tens of 1000s of hungry buyers with a lot of cash to get these sites absorbed into their business empire. That means you will find a lot of competition if you opt to go for adsense sites. Have you got a lot of Cash? i.e Are you willing to pay $10,000 for a monthly return of $200 approx. Wait..

You need at least 3 to 4 years to recover your initial investment. Assuming that you have no problem with that,you still want to know secrets of business you are going to invest in. Don’t you?

  1. Organic trends and Google Algorithms are changing rapidly. Now the game is not as it used to be.
  2. Considering the fact the traffic won’t be stable, you have to put money in SEO.
  3. Adsense sites are made to be sold. Make sure you can manage on your own.
  4. What are the keywords the website is ranked for?
  5. Make sure Google Trends show a positive graph and it’s not declining
  6. Double check those keywords through Google adwords keyword tool
  7. Check the website’s history. Backlinks, indexed pages etc

Now the first thing you got to do, after finding an adsense site for sale is go Put your keyword in “Search new Ideas” category. After this, comes the tricky part. 2 things you must take care of

1- Select your target market. Either it’s US, Canada or any other country.

2- As shown below, show ideas closely related to keywords, website is ranked for.

Keyword Planner – Google Adwords

Buy Websites – How to perform due diligence using adwords keyword Tool

3- Look for the number of searches. Now here is how you can calculate profit. Imagine these numbers as Visitors to first page of Google and ask yourself. Is the website ranked high enough to get a good share of the pie. Your website must be among first 3 results to get 60% of visitors. Among first 5 to get 40% and so on..

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords (2)Google Trends

Now go to and put in your keyword term. You should see a stable graph with small fluctuations. A graph with sharp increase and then deep decrease is not good.

Other Due diligence tools:

Explore your website in to find other tactics. You should keep in mind that no tool out there is the accurate enough so make sure you surf through at least 5 different tools to get an idea of Real reputation of your website.


By now you should get an idea of whether to purchasse that site or not. Even as a newbie if you get positive response from all these websites, and your investment can be recovered in maximum of 12 months. That site is worth a shot.

Affiliate Sites

Now the thing about buying affiliate site instead of adsense website is it can save you loads of money, time and headache of maintenance. There are affiliate sites profiting from Organic traffic but most of these sites get paid traffic. If you can find a Trusted seller to Buy a Website, it’s 10 times better than an adsense site. See how


It’s not all Fireworks after you purchase an adsense site. Even if you made the right choice, next challenge smiling at you will be to keep up with such site. Let’s say you purchased a site making $200 a month. Even from a Philipino SEO Company, you can’t get a package for less $100 per month. That means your profit already remained half, now you need 2 years to cover up your initial investment.

While in affiliate site, usually there is ver less or no maintenance required.


Google Updates:

Google is not predictable and so does the traffic on your website. With recent updates strategies to bring organic traffic are a lot more complicated. The website that shows up on the top spot depends on

  • How many of your friends upvote that link
  • Visitor’s research history and browsing behaviour
  • Domain authority
  • Website bounce rate and accesibilty
  • Relevant content

While the affiliate site getting paid traffic has nothing to do with Google


Fresh Content:

Content is the King. You must have heard these words before. It is very important to keep your adsense site updated or your traffic will soar with time for sure but..

Affiliate sites come either with no or a little maintenance. You may need to spend 2 hours a week.


Future Potential:

On one hand  if you have got an adsense site making $200 per month and to make it turn into $1,000 per month, you will need a lot of patience and money to get a higher package.

You can provide NOS boost to your newly purchased affiliate website by simply spending more in advertising.


After Sales support:

You purchased an adsense site, you are on your own. Not only it’s difficult to maintain, usually there is no support avaialable for more than a month. With affiliate sites for Sale, it’s a totally different story. You get full support because sellers have to sell upgrades i.e access to more knowledge and features.


Recovery of Initial Investment:

While buying a Website bringing revenue by adsense, you need to forget about profit. It’s a long term investment that needs time and effort to put in. You are not going to get your initial deposit back before 1.5 to 2 years. While if you buy an affiliate website with traffic, it’s a matter of few months before you recover your initial cost and start making profit for rest of your life.


Does that mean adsense sites are not profitable at all ??

The Answer is NO! Adsense sites are profitable but if you have got some serious investment of at least $50,000+. Plus you also have some awareness of how and where to hire freelancers or outsources in affordable price other SEO firms will effectively eat up any additional bucks you have in your pocket.



The solution to the problem, especially if you are running low on budget is to buy an affiliate website with traffic from a Trusted Seller. You won’t find a company who say don’t buy from us, would you?

We say that “Don’t buy from us if you don’t see the potential, if you can’t see commissions in your own account before paying a single penny” Steadily but effectively our team of highly skilled affiliates made a platform to provide profitable Established websites with traffic. We provide:

  • 1 year free maintenance with every package
  • Ability to upgrade any time to make more money
  • Most secure opportunity, partnering with Escrow
  • Low cost start up pack to build up trust
  • 1 on 1 training if you want to manage on your own
  • Free 24/7 support for an year

and much more..

Payme0 is a secure place to invest online and buy websites business. You just need to invest according to your budget and We will take care of the rest. Nothing to pay other than the maintenance cost until your websites make money.

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