Buy Websites with Traffic and Save 1000s of Dollars!

Should I buy Websites with Traffic?

Yes, websites that are already getting visitors are worth your time and money but take a deep breath. Would you purchase a website with traffic if it’s not generating revenue? There will be a big NO!

Make sure you spend adequate amount. Don’t overspend in excitement and don’t expect all fireworks in you are planning to be tricky and spend a low amount.


Source of Traffic

What is the source of traffic and how price is affected?

Buy Websites with Traffic - Organic Vs Paid


While adsense websites could be a great source of making money online. It’s not recommended until you have a professional team of SEO and tens of thousands of Dollars in Investment.

If it’s getting Organic traffic the price of website will be 12 to 50 times of monthly Revenue in ordinary cases. That means, you will need to wait for at least 1 year before you make any profit.

That means you have to rely on heavy SEO cost. It’s not something you can manage on your own. SEO these days is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

There are several instances, when people complained about traffic dries up within few weeks of purchasing adsense website. Imagine yourself in this situation, you will be disappointed and start looking for something else. That’s a disaster, why others don’t know about it.


  • It would be a great idea to outsource your work to a reliable SEO company overseas, like Philippines.
  • You have to pay a monthly cost of $200 or more for each site. So, keep this cost in mind while purchasing adsense websites.
  • Quantity along with quality should be the target. The more sites you buy, better the chances of survival.
  • Don’t go for high-end adsense sites as their copy cats will appear as soon as they go up for sale on flippa.
  • Make a target, and talk to your SEO company about them. Don’t give a free hand just for maintenance.


Paid Traffic - Buy Websites with traffic at low price Paid Traffic:

You can literally save thousands of Dollars and a lot of headache by purchasing websites from trusted sellers.

Advantages are:

1- Low Cost as the traffic is paid

2- Verification of Revenue before you pay

3- No uncertainty of traffic being lost after few months

4- Massive potential as you can always spend more and MAKE MORE.

Imagine buying from a person who is driving 1000s of Visitors through pay per click. If you offer him even half the price of adsense site provided that he can either tell you the ways he is getting traffic or offer a maintenance service until you can handle yourself. He will be more than happy to get rewarded with some good amount because he knows, that he can make another site at any time and start driving the same traffic to that site.


The best part is:

You can verify the revenue before you pay for Website by setting up the transaction with Escrow. Buying a Website from Trusted Seller not only gives you the complete control of how much you spend. It provides you ultimate opportunity to scale whenever you want, how much you want. There is no limit. While with Organic traffic there is not much you can do except waiting for Search Engine to show your website for more keywords.

Payme0 is a secure place to invest online and buy websites business. You just need to invest according to your budget and We will take care of the rest. Nothing to pay other than the maintenance cost until your websites make money.

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