Choosing Right Domain Extensions – Some Interesting Facts!

When it comes to domain registration, the most important question that comes in our mind is “what should be the domain extension?” Today it’s way too easy to choose your business name or a brand name rather than getting your own website. It doesn’t mean that it’s a complicated process. Getting the domain name is very easy as I have discussed in Domain Registration – An Easy Approach! But getting the domain extension of your choice is a bit tricky as it depends upon their availability. I found this very interesting infografic about domain extension by assets entrepreneur.

Choosing Right Domain Extensions - Some Interesting Facts!


Choosing Right Domain Extensions – Some Interesting Facts!

As we all knows the .com extension is a default domain extension and therefore the most desired one. But what if the .com domain extension is already taken? Should you go for any other domain extension or change the domain name? How you should select a domain extension? These are some of the common questions that I would try to satisfy with my discussion.

Why everybody wants a .com domain extension?

  • It’s a default domain extension by search engines, for example when a user types the domain name, the browser algorithm park it automatically at .com address. Thus most of the online traffic park at .com domain.
  • It gives a universal look to your website URL and provides a good impression on your visitors.
  • If you have your brand name or business name registered on .net or .org or any other domain extension and your competitor have .com extension then it’s a benefit for them as most of the people will search your by your domain name and browser will park them on your competitor’s page.
  • .com domain extension is the most familiar one among people.

How to get .com extension for your domain name?

To avoid letting your website’s traffic park at you competitor’s website, you have to register your domain at .com extension. This is where WHOIS can help you. It provides you the domain owner information and if they want to sell the website, you can purchase it by giving them a handsome amount. Once you get a .com URL for your website, you must try to get the other surrounding domain extensions for example .org, .net, .biz, .info etc.

Choosing Right Domain Extensions - Some Interesting Facts!

Facts about other domain extensions

The other TLDs (top level domains) such as .net, .org have their own impacts. If you are going to have a domain registered for you company that is a non-profit organization then .org is the best domain extension to go for. As an example, the famous Apache website can be found at “”.

If your business operates internationally then you should go for country based domain extensions such as .uk for United Kingdom, .au for Australia, .ca for Canada. Another interesting fact is that Google gives high rank to country specific websites as compared to .com extension.

The .net domain extension was originated to use by the domains representing a computer network or umbrella sites that may also referred to as a portal for set of smaller websites.

Choosing Right Domain Extensions - Some Interesting Facts!

You can use the country specific domain extensions if you provide services locally or all over your country. The visitors will prefer to go for locally based domain extension rather than a global .com extension. So they can better use your services.

ICANN is going to shake up the area of domain extension with its exciting rules. According to that there would be customization of generic top level domain names (gTLDs) enabled. For example, IBM and Canon have already made it clear that they will acquire the extensions .ibm and .canon respectively by Steve Stolfi of Corsearch.

I personally suggest that if you register a domain name with any extension other than .com then promote your website and even your business with complete domain name with extension for example “” should be promoted as not only by myshop otherwise your visitors will land on a wrong place most probably at .com extension.

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