Cryptocurrency Vibe Jumps

Cryptocurrency Vibe Jumps 400% in 24 Hours


Even in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency, the increase in Vibe over the past 24 hours is excellent.

The digital currency focused on live music reached its 400% value on the last day at $ 2.34 Wednesday, Wednesday. It determines the price by Coin over Ripple, although the total coverage of the market is still considerably lower.

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Vibe currently has a market coverage of $ 405 million. According to CoinMarketCap. It’s low in the big picture, but the pieces just started buying in October. Are you not familiar with the platform? Here is a quick introduction.

What is a Vibe token?

Vibe Tokens merges with Vibehub, a platform that works like an IMDB of live music types. Artists are ranked according to their popularity online. The token can be used to buy products or to access contacts in the music industry. Finally, they should be accepted to buy tickets.

What is the buzz?

Vibe’s first foreign exchange offer (ICO) made history in less than 5 minutes to sell and so raise $ 10 million. Among his donors, Charlie Shrem, one of the most visible members of the Bitcoin community.

What caused the wave?

The binance exchange added Vibe to its trading options, giving cryptocurrency an extra dose of credibility. Buyers have joined, Vibe is pushing the Top 100 of all the digital currencies that are marketed.

This part has been updated to correctly identify Vibehub.

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