Domain Registration – An Easy Approach!

If you own a website, its Domain Registration should be your top priority. The domain name helps to access the website, for example, “payme0.come” refers to its website. You don’t necessarily need to own a company or an organization to register a domain name.

Significance of a Domain Name

I can give you innumerable good reasons for getting a domain name

  • Domain name is your true identity and it goes with you everywhere even if you need to change your web host. This is how it helps your visitors to locate you and find your new website by just typing your domain name.
  • Domain name provides integrity to your business as it confers a good impact on your clients that your business owns a domain name. Very few people trust and work with an organization that doesn’t have its own registered domain name.
  • It is of great benefit that you have a domain name registered on your own name, your company name, your product name or your service name because it helps people to remember the name easily and they will not need to go into their documents to find the URL. Some people may even find you by randomly typing “your service name or your product name” in the browser, for example “”.
  • Domain name is helpful for getting good advertisers for your website. It imparts a good impression and characteristics of respectability of your website.

Domain Name Registration

It is a process, in which the name of your choice is registered with an organization named ICANN. It is processed through a domain name registrar. For example, you choose to register a domain named “” you just have to get contact a registrar and pay the registration fee around $10 to $35. You will get the right to that domain name for one year and after that you will have to renew it mostly at the same amount per annum.

There are some web hosts that register the domain names free of costs such are mostly commercial web hosts while some will do it by demanding you the registrar fee. In either case, I advise you to register the domain name directly through a registrar. So that you will become the sole owner of your domain and there will be no risk of making someone else the owner of your domain.

Step by Step Process

You just need to follow these steps for domain name registration

With a Hosting Service

  1. Choose the Domain Names

    Choose some good and unique domain names. Yes! Multiple names, because there are chances that the domain might already taken with your chosen name. Thus select different, easy and interesting domain names for your website.

  2. Select a Hosting Service

    There are many reputable web hosting services, choose a service for the hosting of your website or you can go with the service you already have in case you inherit a website. These web hosting service providers have different prices and customer service policies. So you have to choose what suits you best.

    The web hosting services are all connected to ICANN that keeps record of all domain names so the same information is being provided.

    Some reputable web hosting services are,, and

  3. Check the Availability of Domain Name

    The web hosting sites provide an availability checker. You just have to enter your domain name and it will let you know if your domain name is available or not. It may suggest some alternatives in case your domain name is not available and even provide some cheaper domain with a bit different name.

  4. Provide the Required Information

    You have to fill the form and provide them with all your information. It will register you with the WHOIS database that lists website owner’s information. You can choose if you want to keep your information private or want to make it public.

  5. Payment

    You will be asked to provide your payment information for example either credit card or PayPal account information. Once you have paid for the domain name registration, it will allow you to claim and get your domain name.

Without a Hosting Service

If you don’t have a web host service, you can find a reputable certified domain registrar that does registration only i.e. Domjax. You just have to register the domain name and don’t need to host with them. The registrar will set up a temporary website for you and park your domain name there. So your domain name will be secured in this way. Some registrar will provide you with an email address at your domain name that is park at their site like while is your domain name.

Reputable Domain Name Registrar

There are many reputable domain name registrar but I have listed a few of them.

  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • 1&1 Internet


Once you have decided the domain name, you must get it registered. Delaying in registering the domain name may cause you lost it.

I hope you will find it helpful. You are free to ask if you have any query regarding this.

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