How to choose a Good Domain Name? – Some Important Tips!

If you want to enter in the online world, domain name registration is perhaps the starting point. Once you have your own domain registered, you are allowed to endure many ways as you become a part of the vast online world.

For the domain name registration, you first have to choose a good domain name. I will discuss the Value of a Good Domain Name! too , So select a good domain name based upon its importance.


Here are some easy but important tips to choose a good domain name or a website name:

  • Domain Name should be same as Website Name

Many of you will definitely think “it’s obvious that the domain name should be same as the website name” but surprisingly it’s not true, as there are many websites that are named after different domain names.

Having same website and domain name is way too important because when people visit your website, they will remember it by its name and if it has the same URL then congratulations! They will easily find you next time.

In this fast era of internet, people don’t have time to memorize the lengthy URLs. So get yourself identified by a unique website name and that must be same as your domain name. People will type your website name and thus can find you without any hassle.

What if you cannot get the domain name on your own brand because someone else already owns it? And it’s very important for you to register the domain on that name. There is a solution to this and that’s ‘WHOIS’. It helps to get information about the current owner of the domain and if they want to sell that domain. You can simply contact the owner and buy that domain.

  • Brand name or Generic name?

Most of the people think that the domain name should be the one broadly used for example “”. But it’s not wise to use such common and general term for domain name as it will lead you to lose out on the internet.

You must think of some brand names of your own. That brand name will be you unique identity in the internet world. For example “” has its own identity; people are well aware of this name and find it easily by typing “Haier” on the search engines.


Finding brand names is far too easy than finding a generic name. So go for the domain name that matches your brand name and get the same website name to be renowned. This is how you the good domain name help you to maintain your standards.

  • Length of Domain Name

How much lengthy should be a good domain name? It’s a question of matter for some people and here is the answer. Domain name can be of any length up to 67 characters but try to avoid very lengthy and complex domain names. Also don’t go for obscure domain names such as “” when you actually mean by “”.

The point regarding the length of domain name always remains debatable. Some people said that short names are easy to remember and to type.

While some believe that lengthy domain names are easy for a human brain to memorize, for example “” is way too difficult to remember as compared to “”.

I suggest you to go for short and meaningful domain names, that easy to remember and quick for typos. For example, “”, “”, etc.

  • Symbolic Names

Symbols like hyphen, underscore, etc. are used in domain names. Should such symbols be used in domain names? How far good is it? Or it’s a bad idea? Here are some considerations:

Why these are good? When you used some symbols in your domain name, the search engine take every word as a separate keyword and your chances for getting appear in search results increase. When a domain name is very lengthy and without hyphens, there are chances that these names are not longer available.

Why it’s a bad idea to use symbols in a domain name? Because there are chances of typing errors. There are many typos over there who are used to write without any break. They can forget to put hyphen or any other symbol and end up in finding your competitor’s site. If there are hyphens in your domain name then it would be difficult for people to tell its name to others, as an instance, people will speak as “” but actually you have the name “”. It’s a hectic job that most of the people, including me, prefer to avoid.

  • The and My Domain Names

When you choose a domain name and check for its availability, the domain name registrar gives you different options such as “”, “” etc. So you are limited with these options. In this case you must use the same website name as the domain name for example, if you choose “” then your website name should be “My Shop”.

  • Plural Domain Names

I suggest you to avoid adding ‘s’ or using plural names as your domain name because most of the times the searcher miss the word ‘s’ and thus can’t find your website.


A good domain name takes you beyond, you ever think of. Register your domain before it’s too late and it gets occupied. Don’t make mistake in choosing the domain name as it may lead to lose visitors.

“Names are a way to keep people in your mind”

― Maggie Stiefvater

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