How to Make Money through Blogging?

I’m a blogger and I find it right to mention that Blogging is a valid and legitimate way for making money online. In addition, it’s the most feasible way for earning online. In this article I will try to explicate, how to make money through blogging!

The first thing is to be familiar with blogs and blogging. A blog is basically an online platform where you can write about your day-today activities. In this way you can make your voice heard by the whole world – the online world. Blogging is the act of making/writing content and it requires discipline, patience and diligence.

Now the second thing is how to make money through blogging? Well! I believe that you need to write, with determination, everyday for over a year before you begin to see money from your blog. It takes usually one or two years to build a successful blog, a brand and authority site then you can make serious amount of money from it but there are some exceptions to this rule.

Once your blog drives lots of traffic, which actually requires time; you can start to make money through it. Following are some ways to monetize your blog and making money through it:

  • Advertising

It is the basic way to make money through blogging and now has become perhaps the least common way. You can sign up with Google AdSense or can sell the advertising spots on your website or blog. Through these ways, you cannot make much money until your views reach up to thousands per day.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can earn by promoting the products and services of other people on your blog. There are various affiliate networks such as Commission Junction ( and Affiliate Window ( that allows you for such promotions. You just have to add a link or banner on your website and when the visitors will click through them and buy their services or products, you will get a percentage of it. You can select the products of your choice that suit best for your blog and hence it’s an effective way to make money through blogging once you drive traffic to your blog.

  • Products and Services

 You can make your own products for example an ebook, software or app and can also provide paid services such as training programs, tutorials or investment planning. In this way, your blog itself will serve as a platform for people to buy your products and services. The more you make your products valuable and beneficial for people, the more you can drive the traffic on your blog and increase your selling. Just be honest with the services you provide and try to convince your visitors to buy them. When they purchase your services, you must be able to back up your claims.

  • Membership Offer

If you have got great ideas then you can make them utilize to increase your earning. You can create a Membership Offer on your blog through which people can have access for all that content and ideas you have got to assist them. In this way, your content won’t be freely available on the web and if someone needs that information, he has to buy the membership.

  • Sponsored post

Sponsored posts are usually the paid posts that are written for a company or a specific brand. Many brands and companies pay the blogging sites for writing about their products and services. You just have to publish articles related to their products and services. In order to get such offers, you need to get traffic on your blog first.

  • Subscription

You can start providing valuable content on certain basis such as weekly or monthly in the form of an online magazine or a bulletin. You can offer subscriptions for these services that will charge a fee each time your new product is available. People will have to pay for the subscriptions for getting your content or product.


In the near future, blogging is expected to become a dominant online business. It’s very easy to start blogging and anyone can start his own blog and make it a way for his living. It’s a way to communicate with others and helping them at your best. In return it will pay you beyond your expectations but it requires consistency. Blogging has a great future ahead so why not to start it today!

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