How to Select a Niche for your First Site – 8 Tips from Successful Blogs

“You cannot build a dream on a foundation of sand. To weather the test of storms, it must be cemented in the heart with uncompromising conviction.”

Trust me, this is the most important step of blogging, you can’t afford to go wrong. If you place a strong foundation, it will save wayyy more energy and time.

“Work Smarter not harder”

Select a Niche for a Website

1- Find your passion:

  • Take a pen and paper
  • Write at least 5(better 10) things,  you would love to tell and know about.
  • Don’t think about the competition


2- Do Some Research:

  • Google each of your ideas
  • If there is not enough material or
  • you can’t write at least 100+ articles on a topic, Drop it!


3- Use Google Keyword Tool:

  • Before you go any further
  • Open Adwords keyword tool
  • Put your idea but before you generate more topics to write about
  • Make sure you choose target market according to your residence or interest.

Select a niche for Website



4- Search Volume:

  • Are there enough people searching for it.
  • Can you write 100+ articles about it?
  • Can you pursuade other people to make contribution?
  • Go for the sell, make sure it will bring Dollars eventually
  • There should be a product, offer or ads available to promote.

Adwords keyword and competition to select a niche for website



5- Keyword Competition:

  • As far as the the competition is labelled as Low or Medium, you are good to go
  • If you see high in front of your keyword that’s a red flag.
  • Lower the competition, better it would be for you to get on top.
  • Until you are an Established business, it should be your last priority to go for keywords with high competition.


6- Domain availability:

  • You list has shortened to 3 or 4 ideas by now
  • Search for domain availability
  • Your domain should consist of a single word and not more than 2 words
  • It should be easy to remember
  • Preferably a brand name is a great choice. For example, and so on
  • It must be either a .com, .net or .org (You can make an exception for edu or .info if your site education related)


7- Reach out for Feedback

  • Don’t be shy of asking few people or few bloggers around to ask for suggestions.
  • Think of it as a customer
  • If you can spare 5 or 10 bucks fiverr can be a good place to get real feedback.

8- It’s all about patience:

  • Before you even start, think about it as a startup business.
  • Don’t think about making any profit for at least 6 months.
  • Develop your brand, engage with social media. Add as many people as possible to read your blog


Finally few tips to make sure you made the right choice

  1. Don’t let anyone demoralize you
  2. You are there to develop a brand not to please everyone
  3. Do your homework before getting started
  4. Make sure you know the basics of SEO.
  5. Idea should be new and not already bombarded with blogs.
    Even if you are love guru, Don’t make another dating site. 😀

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