We make it super simple to invest and earn a fixed monthly profit with Uber.

You don't even need to pay the full price of vehicle to get started. We get the car leased from bank. We hire a driver on your behalf & take care of each and everything while you just invest and earn.

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Invest 1 ride:

$5000 - Vehicle registration fee

$2000 - One time Setup Cost

- 7,000 USD

Invest 2 rides:

$10,000 Vehicles Registration fee

$3,000  One Time Setup cost

- 13,000 USD

Invest 3 rides:

$15000 - Vehicles Registration

$4000 - One time setup cost

- 19,000 USD


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Opportunity knocks once!

This is your chance & it's not going to last forever. We have limited spots in this venture!


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    Erik Tucker
  • The optimal thing about Payme0 is that their staff never exaggerates about their services. Before every investment, they tell us about the merits and demerits of each membership. For this cause, I really recommend this web portal.
    Robert Walker
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    John Adams
  • Being an entrepreneur, I started with the casual girly outfits selling online plan. But unfortunately, I didn’t find the proficient return. As just to try my luck, I invest with a below par investment, and clearly saw the difference when I got paid consistently. Don't think just act.
    Naja Varmaz
  • My experience with them is satisfying, I have found their customer service to be very responsive and I get my payments on time.
    Alexander Kirkman

How is my investment secure?

As Uber moves to more cities around the World and utilize their funding. This is the most suitable time to earn for investors like you. We take care of all the uncertainties and guarantee you if you don't start making money within 60 days. We will simply refund each and every penny of your investment.

What's in it for you?

To be honest, there is nothing much in it for us. Although, We keep a minimal percentage of profit from every client. We have so much going on in our research lab. At the moment, We are just focusing on "Get as many investors on board as possible." Your TRUST is most important to us at this time. The only way to get it is if we under promise and over deliver.


Will the vehicles be on our name?

No, and that's the beauty of it. You can escape tax and enjoy residual monthly income because all the headache is on us.


Do you have other investment opportunities to make money?

Yes We do offer Websites for Sale to make money online. Websites business provides a more stable and long lasting income stream as compared to our other ventures.


What do I need to do after making investment?

Nothing, We will deposit your monthly profit to your paypal or bank account at the end of each month. All our business modules come with a "Set and forget" offer. We take care of each and everything while you focus on spending time doing what you love to do.


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Or Get started right now!

1 ride

Make $500 pm


  • $5K registration
  • $2K Setup cost
  • Time Tracking
  • Weekly report
  • Email Support

2 rides

Make $1200 pm


  • $10K Registration
  • $3K Setup cost
  • Time Tracking
  • Basic Security
  • Weekly report
  • Email support

3 rides

Make $2000 pm


  • $15K Registration
  • $4K Setup cost
  • Time Tracking
  • Advanced Security
  • Tracker/Insurance
  • Daily report
  • 24/7 support

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