Review and Due Diligence Report is up for sale on flippa. From the look of the website, it feels like a good opportunity for anyone willing to spend over 1000 USD into Facebook ads. It basically provides women accessories like jewelry sunglasses, watches, handbags etc. review and due diligence report

Let’s have a look at it’s traffic first.

Organic Traffic:

It is currently getting 911 visitors pm. With an average conversion rate of 10% for eCommerce stores, if each 1 out of 10 people makes a purchase, you should expect $200 by the end of the month.

If you deduct 60% of the cost.

Why 60%?

Because usually, if you want to keep customers happy, as a general rule of thumb. You should spend at least 60% of their cost on the product they are going to purchase. You do want that customer to buy again from you, don’t you. That will make $80 in net profit. 



As shown from the graph, it’s traffic is recently deprecated. It means, new owner instantly have to pay attention to it’s SEO. If you are thinking about outsourcing to an SEO company. It will cost $250 to $2000 per month looking at your budget and long term goals.


About Current Situation:

If you want to succeed make your weaknesses, your strength. Make your strength your competitive edge.

The coding of the website posses more than 88 errors with many internal links missing description. It might be a good idea to invest in professional design.


Although the website has some room for improvement, this can be a good opportunity for anyone looking to make his/her way through drop shipping business.

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Seller has put a reserve price of $7000 on the auction, which is quietly overpriced in my opinion since the new owner will be saving much less after excluding all the costs of operation.


Perfect for:

Someone with over $2000 per month budget to enhance it’s social media presence and invest in new inventory as well as it’s SEO and data entry.


Good for:

Someone who has 2 to 3 hours a day to spare and a budget of at least $500 to spend. You can hold a day job and work on this website in your spare time.


Not for:

the person who has no budget to expand this business. If you are not unsure if you can spend time on this website. This is not for you. Don’t waste your time and money in buying it if you are not as enthusiastic about it after a month as you are now.


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