Online Investments Comparison

Online Investments Comparison

It takes courage to express an unpopular viewpoint but to adopt it and to act on that is what requires tons of experience and a rational decision making vision.

Most of the young Entrepreneurs get success only by following the footsteps of the Successful businessmen and by imitating their viewpoints. However, scenarios are different for everyone and besides; you can never eliminate the risk factor. All you can do is minimizing it. For that, you need a few things. Either you acquire enough experience for that or you take a support of well reputed experts.

To earn money is everyone’s wish and right but not all of them are blessed with suitable circumstances. Some people are born with the golden spoon while others have to buy one. Hard work never goes unrewarded but there are a few things that can restrain you from achieving success so they must be taken care of. Remember:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is only the courage to continue that counts

Over the past few years, the appearance and mechanism of Business and investments has changed and those who possess the flexibility to mould them according to the new face are on the safe side while others will be strained off in years to come.

The new face is the Online Investment.

I shall give comparisons with some of the best considered investments.

Stock Exchange:

Stock market and shares are considered the fastest method to get rich. Sure they are, but the story tellers skip the basic fact that it is the riskiest of all the businesses out there and has drowned more Investors than it has brought up. This may be suitable for those who have an already set business running as a backbone of their income and have extra cash to gamble with. The risk of losing is higher than success.

Mutual Funds/Bonds:

There is a similar option that is open to all investors and that is mutual funds and bonds. They are same as shares but differ only in the services and interest rate. Unlike shares, you don’t get an ownership of some part in the business and also you don’t get to cherish all the facilities and extra privileges but the good thing about them is that your actual investment is always secure.

The reason why this is not recommended for those who want to get rich is the interest rate. Usually it is not more than 7 to 8% or may be 10% (in special cases) so it is like 700$ a month over 10,000$ investment. Chances are there that you might not get anything out of that and to invest 10,000$ is not a child’s play as majority do not own this much amount.

Buying Websites:

Now I shall describe another field of online investment that is easier to implement, less complicated, open ended and far more reliable with a brighter future. Buying Websites! I know it sounds strange but I can bet that your perception towards it will change after reading some facts about it and if you try to be neutral and analyze the statistical and comparative data, you will give it a think.

  1. You can buy a website in 6000$ which is your initial investment.
  2. You start earnings from the next month of your investment.
  3. This 6000$ investment has the potential to give a 1000$ profit per month, which is 16.6% of the initial investment, in fact the only investment you have to make.
  4. This profit margin is more than any other offline or online business.

The far more important thing in businesses is the security of your investment. Your money is never secure in shares. You can do nothing if there is a loss or even in mutual funds, what if the bank goes bankrupt? While in Websites, your money is always 100% secure as you don’t need to give a single penny upfront. You pay when you get results at least in our case, Not always.


                Let me compile the points at which I wanted to draw your attention.

      ✔ Low Initial Investment

      ✔ Security

      ✔ Instant Results

      ✔ High profit margin

      ✔ Hassle free procedure

      ✔ Free Maintenance

Payme0 is a secure place to invest online and buy websites business. You just need to invest according to your budget and We will take care of the rest. Nothing to pay other than the maintenance cost until your websites make money.


  • Erin Bentley March 4, 2015 at 1:34 am

    Nice piece of information, yet it’s pity how much people ignore the possibilities of making money through online investment when there is much higher return percentage.

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