Tips & Tricks to Nail a perfect Website name!

The first thing that comes into my mind when I decide to start a website, is a good Domain Name. I have already discussed the Value of a Good Domain Name and it’s probably one of the most important factors behind a successful website. Website name is the mean by which people can find you, refer you and remember you. There is no hard and fast rule to select a perfect website name but here are some Tips & Tricks to Nail a perfect Website name:


  • Choose Keywords

Choose at least 5 keywords that best describe your product or service. After listing these keywords, either make pairs of them or add prefixes and suffixes to make a complete and good domain name. Hence you would have other options too, in case your desired domain name is not available. The domain name should depict the exact nature of the website, so that the visitors can have an idea of the website by the domain name. The second most important thing is that the domain name should be same as the website name.

  • Easy to Type

The website name must be easy to type. The names that require great attention for being lengthy, difficult spelling and use of unrelated words of symbols, lead to lose the market value. Therefore pay a quality time on domain name search and select the typo-friendly domain name to help branding.

  • Easy to Remember

If your website name is easy to remember then it will help your visitors to come again and again. The website name which is tough and difficult to memorize may cause you losing the traffic to your website. An easy to remember website name make it easier to spread the word-of-mouth. Your visitors can tell their friends about your website when it’s easy for them to remember its name.

  • Make it Unique

There is a possibility that the website name already exists with a different domain extension. This may lead the traffic of your website to park at your competitor website. Therefore avoid picking the website name with a modified version of an existing website and buy domain name that is unique.

  • Keep it Short

If your website name is short, it will be easy to type and easy to remember. Buy domain name for your website with less than 10 characters (most preferably). A long domain name can be mistyped or cause confusion while typing. Get a careful domain name search and select a short domain name which allows it to better fit on social media networks and also on offline marketing.

  • Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Numbers and hyphens make it difficult to type and remember. These hyphens create hassle for visitors and cause your traffic to go into a wrong direction. Most of the people use Roman numerals to make it unique but unfortunately it causes in lowering the Google ranking and relates poorly with marketing and branding.

  • Select Domain Extension Wisely

The success of a website domain relies on a good web domain extension. If you are really concerned about marketing and branding then select a .com extension. A .com Top Level Domain (TLD) is preferable because most of the search engines land on this web domain extension by default and most of the visitors habitually type this web domain extension while searching for a website. It is the most trusted website domain worldwide. But if you cannot find the “.com” extension then you can go for “.net” and “.org” web domain extensions. These two domains are also well accepted and better correlates with ranking in Google.

  • Select Ideally Timeless Domains

Think beyond the horizons. What are your plans for your business? Do want to keep it local or expand it worldwide?

If you are located in UK and select a website domain extension such as “.UK” then it will limit your services to your region. But if you are planning to expand your services worldwide then choose the domain name which is globally accepted.

  • It should be Descriptive

The website name must be appealing and self-explanatory. Most of the visitors come across a website through search engines and links on other websites but they land on the website if they found it interesting.

A descriptive website name helps visitors to have an idea about the website before entering in it. For example, if someone is looking for a movie review and gets your website in the search results “” or “” then he will definitely park at your site as your website name is descriptive, appealing and self explanatory. It also improves the search engine rankings if the domain name contains a related keyword. So its better to make your domain name search based on keywords.

  • It should be Consistent with Branding

Now that you have selected a perfect name for your website, it should support the services and products you offer with your brand. This name should go well with the appearance of your website and here comes the consistency, which is an important factor here, you need to select a logo and update your website regularly.

There are some steps to estimate the brand consistency:

  • Make a brand review by going through the visual identity of the website i.e. how the website looks, its nature, printed material etc.
  • Establish you brand promise: Be consistent with the products and services your brand offers, keep a check on its policies and revise its mission from time to time.
  • Get feedbacks from the workers and customers to make sure that the brand’s point is consistent.
  • Keep it alive by communicate differently and keep the branding updated.


Pay a great attention on domain name search and pick a good name for your website as it will not only drive traffic but also affect the search engine optimization (SEO). In the end I sum up the tips & tricks to nail a perfect website name: make it unique, descriptive and brandable, easy to read, remember and type, avoid slangs, clever spelling, punctuation and Keep It Simple! Your website name is your identity in the online world so make it a memorable one.

Do you have any tip for a perfect website name? Do share with us!

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