Best Websites to buy coins in 2018

Top 10 Websites to buy Cryptocurrency in 2018

Research for the BEST WEBSITE to buy Crypto Currency is not easy. Most of the exchanges or websites we come across are new. This means that they had little to talk about their services and products. Most people coming to this site are encouraged to buy Bitcoin online through secure support. Well, here is a good starting point. Let’s see how.

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The first thing to keep in mind when looking for the best bitcoin exchange is the security of the website and the server. The point is to ask yourself: is there a reliable exchange that provides transparent data of cold stored parts (see below) and are satisfied customers? One of the key things is to look for location. Bitcoiners (Exchange owners mostly try to sell for Dollars, Euros or Pounds) However, key Bitcoin sites have many options for buying bitcoins with government-issued currencies and legacy coins. You should also look for the ones who let you purchase with other coins.

Examining the complexity of where bitcoins are exchanged has made me write this article even though We are in business of selling profitable websites. If you are new to crypto currency trading, below is the list with highlights that will help you decide quickly where to buy digital currencies. Ranked from 1 to 10, 1 being the best and 10 being “Good”.

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Safe, reliable and highly valued user exchanges are better rated than their peers. Additional points are given for websites that buy Bitcoin with PayPal because many users request this feature. The classification preference is also given for websites that buy bitcoins with a credit card. Take a look at each option in the following Bitcoin Exchange list. Be sure to mark this page for future reference.

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best website to buy crypto currency

1-  Coinbase

Coinbase is San Francisco, US based company accepting payments in US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. It accepts cards and bank transfers. It ranks at top of our list due to user friendly interface. Easy to navigate website and simple to understand options. With almost 2000 registered and Trusted customers, it stands at the top.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency

2- EtherDelta

EtherDelta is a Decentralized exchange accepting payments in forms of Ethereum Tokens. If you have ethereum coins and looking to invest into other coins, this should be your best bet. With 129 registered successful and trusted reviews, it stands at the second position.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency

3- Yobit

Yobit is a crypto currency exchange based in Russia. Means if you have a any crypto currency and want to exchange for another. This is the place you would want to go. It also provides a user friendly interface. With 509 registered trusted reviews, this stands at 3rd rank.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency

4- Local Bitcoins

Local bitcoins is a person to person exchange accepting all currencies. It offers you to use Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and Paypal as well. That means if you want to buy or sell your crypto currency in a secure way. You can take payment. It’s just like a of Crypto currencies provide secure user to user transactions.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency


It is another San Francisco, US based firm that accepts bank transfers, Litecoin and Ether coins as deposit and lets you buy any crypto currency with your funds. It allows USD GBP and Euros. With 141 registered user reviews, it is good enough to take the 5th spot.

Visit GDAX Now



6- BlockchainInfo:

Blockchaininfo is a Luxembourg based cryptocurrency exchanger that sells coin through credit card. If you are new to crypto currency investment then this site can fulfill all your needs of getting in quick. It has got 160 registered reviewers to verify that transactions went smoothly.

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7- Bithumb

Bithumb is a SEOL, South Korean based portal, available to buy crypto currency using both credit card and Bank Transfers. With our 50 reviews from real people, this exchange is for easy going peeps out there.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency

8- BitPanda

Bit Panda is most flexible contestant in this list of top crypto currency buying websites. The reason for that is it offers so many payment options that you can literally buy from anywhere in the whole World. It accepts Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill. Based in Vienna, Austria. this exchange has got some good looking reviews.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency


9- BitFlyer

Bit Flyer is a Tokyo, Japan based crypto seller that offers it’s users to buy coins using both bank transfers and Credit Cards. With over 38 reviews from registered users, it can be trusted to buy some coins. It has got a user-friendly interface. In 1 out of 10, I think 8 should be a good rating for this one.

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Best websites to buy bitcoins and crypto currency


This is an Indonesian based eco-friendly marketplace to sell all types of coins with credit cards. If you are a local then you shouldn’t go anywhere else to buy a coin. It has got 100+ reviews to backup this coin buying website.

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This article is only intended to help you in your research for websites to buy Bitcoins or other Crypto currency. We are neither advising nor take any responsibility for profit or loss as a result of investing in coins. Many financial advisers saying that it’s a gold rush and you should only invest what you have spare.

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