Value of a Good Domain Name

Why should you have a good domain name? Why it’s even important to get a good domain name? Well! Many of us really have no idea about this. Domain name is one’s unique identity in the online world. It’s like your property and a business that you own. For an instance, you give your visiting card to someone, who knows nothing about you; it will be your visiting card that will help the person to recognize you and to make a number of evaluations about you. Similarly you need to get a good domain name for making an outstanding first impression on your visitors.

A good domain name lets you stand out from the crowd.

  • Credibility

A good domain name helps building your credibility. It gives a professional touch to your business, company or whatever you are going to start. Having your own registered domain provides an evidence for a well established company and gives your visitors a feel of reliability.

  • Uniqueness

As I have already mentioned that a domain name is your unique identity. It’s like you own a house. It’s your property and not the shared one. In online world, having your own domain name is of real worth. It helps enhancing your credibility among your visitors.

  • Your Brand Building

Domain name is like a brand name for you and if you already have a brand then getting a same domain name will increase the value of your brand. It helps in increasing the awareness about your brand among people. They will visit your website and let others know about it without taking any care of remembering the domain as both will of same name.

  • Your own E-mail Address

Getting your registered domain allows you to have personalized email address for example, and makes you the only concerned person. It also allows you to have multiple email addresses if you want to categorize the concerned departments such as , , etc. This is how you can make timely responses. Another benefit of having your own email address is that your visitors can directly and comfortably contact you as they don’t have to travel through a channel.

  • Better Recognition by the Search Engines

Search engines give preference to the websites with good domain names that are unique too, rather than the websites with sub-domain names (in case of free web host). If you have your own homepage with your own unique domain name, you will get high ranking in the search engines.

 “A business cannot blossom without a great idea backed by a great name”.

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