Where do I buy Cheap Websites to make money Online?

Cost of Website:

Depending upon the niche and seller, a website can cost anywhere between 10xMonthly income to 50xMonthly income and that is if you opt in to buy a website through an auction.

Main Factors influencing the price of a website are

  1. Net profit per month
  2. Niche of website
  3. Seller’s repute

Have a look at this graph explaining the cost of websitesbuying sites cheap graph

*Note that these figures are approx. average. It also depends on your experience and ability to negotiate and bid if you are purchasing through an auction


Website Niche – Awareness Vs Reality:

Think of buying websites as becoming an Engineer. Once you studied the basics of Engineering it’s up to you whether you want to be a civil engineer, electrical or other.  Oh No! You are not thinking about being a doctor… Are you? Because it sounds too good that you are working for humanity, for good but only doctors know how much they are dumped.

Coming back to the point, these are the kinds of website


You must have heard of adsense. Websites generating revenue by Google ads. These are the hottest sites in the market and if you have a million dollar, by all means give it a shot, but! If you are running low on budget it might not be a good idea.

Affiliate Sites (Amazon, Commission junction etc)

These websites have their own fame. You will find plenty of sellers selling affiliate sites. These are the better alternatives to buy websites cheap because most of the crowd is going after adsense sites.how-affiliate-marketing-works1

Now that you know how to save on websites, it’s time we move on to buying cheap websites. People don’t buy from new sellers because they don’t have a history of feedback. If you know how to perform proper due diligence (which you don’t I assume at this time) you can save 1000s of $$$.


Due Diligence and Alternative:

In order to get a due diligence report you can hire a professional online for $250+ or consult with our support team to help you out for Free.

The good news is if you just know the right way to proceed with the purchase, you are safe and secure. The quick answer is Escrow. Proceeding through Escrow means seller got nothing to hide. Verify the Revenue of website by purchasing through Escrow who safeguards your money until you ask them to release money to Seller.

You can read more about things to consider before you start hunting.


Payme0 provides you an opportunity not only to buy websites cheap but also verify each and everything before you spend a single penny. Just contact our support through online chat or send us an email to support@payme0.com and you will be delighted to know the opportunity like no other. We save you all the hassle of research and provide a “simple to follow” investment opportunity.


Payme0 is a secure place to invest online and buy websites business. You just need to invest according to your budget and We will take care of the rest. Nothing to pay other than the maintenance cost until your websites make money.


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