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Businesses of World’s Top 10 billionaires including Jeff Bezos (, Bill Gates

2017 was a good year for richest people in history. If you count 500 richest people in the world this week showed that the richest people on the planet increased their total assets by $ 1 trillion last year 2k17, mainly due to an increase in inventories. World.

As We start the year 2018, this is the Top 10 Bloomberg Index since December 28th.

All are men, the majority of them are Americans and most have to thank the technology sector for its wealth. Listed below the names and their (Net Worth in Total)

1. Jeff Bezos ($ 105 billion)

He does not need a presentation. Bezos started Amazon in the early 90s and turned electronic retail into a real online giant. Shares of the Group grew more than 50% in 2017, boosted by a large number of products and new services that enabled Bezos to increase its assets by approximately $ 34.7 billion. In Oct 2017 he defeated Bill Gates and took first place in Bloomberg.

2. Bill Gates (total net assets of $ 91.6 billion)

The co-founder of Microsoft has been a must-have at the top of the list for few years.  In 2k17, his fortune increased by $ 9.17 billion. In last few months, he has donated a lot of money to charity. In Aug 2017 he alone donated $ 4.6 billion to his charitable organization named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

3. Warren Buffett ($ 85.5 billion)

The veteran of finance also called the sage of Omaha is not new to all kinds of rich lists. According to Bloomberg, his assets increased by $ 12.3 billion in 2017, meaning that the top 3 places on this list are without any doubt in the hands of American men.

4. Amancio Ortega (equity of 75.7 billion US dollars)

It’s not a name of your next door granny, but it’s clearly a name that deserves to be known within the business world. He is a Spanish mogul who co-founded Inditex, the parent company of brands like Zara & Massimo Dutti. Inditex shares didn’t have to pass a glowing year but, it seems that 2018 is expected to be much better. It completed in 2017 to a lower level than where it started, but Ortega, however, managed to develop his assets at about 3, 6 billion dollars within last year.

5- Mark Zuckerberg (assets of $ 73.2 billion)

The leader of social World, Facebook founder Zuckerberg, increased his net assets by $ 23,300 million in 2017, helping him easily reach fifth place. This jump was ranked 4th among fastest growing in the year 2017, with Bezos being the largest.

6. Bernard Arnault (63.6 billion USD)

The best-ranked Frenchman is a Businessman, investor and has a deep love for art. He is widely known as managing director of the luxury products LVMH. In 2k17, its net assets increased by approximately $ 24.5 billion.

7. Carlos Slim (assets of $ 62.3 billion)

Once the richest person in the world, he finished seventh in 2017 while raising his net by $ 12.5 billion. To a large extent, he received his money by holding a large number of companies from Mexico in sectors such as telecommunications, industry, health, transportation, real estate business, media outlets, energy sector and Financial services.

It is reported to account for 40 percent of all stock market valuations, and it is estimated that its net assets are equivalent to about 6% of Mexican GDP.

8. Larry Ellison ( 53.1 billion dollars)

Another American in the technology industry at eight locations: CEO of technology revolution Oracle. The price of each share of the company has risen 22% over the past 12 months, increasing Larry Ellison’s assets over $ 11,500 million.

9. Larry Page (total net worth of $ 52.6 billion)

Up close, another Larry and another American gentleman in technology. Larry Page co-founded Google with Sergey Brin, although Brin finished eleventh on December 28 with a net worth of $ 51.3 billion. According to Google, Larry Page was able to increase his fortune of 12.7 billion dollars this year.

10. Ingvar Kamprad (52.4 billion USD)

Around the top 10 is the richest, top-rated Scandinavian. The Ingvar Kamprad started the Worldwide furniture chain IKEA in the 40s. The oldest model on this list of top 10.

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