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Buy websites at Payme0 where you don’t have to worry about after-sale success. Usually websites for sale are well presented and customers may think these are cheap websites to make big but they are NOT. Remember you get what you pay for.

No doubt, the potential earnings are huge when you buy a website or buy WEBSITES online anywhere else, but make sure you are equipped to maintain those earnings. On the other hand, buy Websites that make money with Payme0 & it’s profitable.

How does it work?

Just few steps for you to follow, nothing more!
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Ever heard, don't lay all of your eggs in one basket? Exactly! 10+ Websites to buy in a pack.


All of your Websites will be advertised on small scale to check profitability.

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Failing Sites will be replaced with new websites, eventually getting all of them to make profit.


You will receive complete reporting on daily/weekly basis of what's going on. Buying Websites just became easy. Isn't it?

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We will report each and every bit of work done on your sites on daily/weekly basis.

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                Charlotte Fortin - Young Entrepreneurs Network

Buy Websites

 When you buy websites at Payme0, you don’t have to worry about after sales success. We have the experience and tools to provide most secure investment solution.
Authority Websites for Sale

Dropship Websites

Buy Dropship Websites with complete set of services. Just sit back and watch your profitable drop shipping business grow.

microniche websites for sale

Microniche Websites

In a hurry and want some quick ROI (Return Over Investment). Buy our Microniche sites to get profit in as soon as 6 months.

Turnkey Websites for sale

Turnkey Websites

Got a team of SEO and Content writers? or have free time to kill. Buy our ready made/ turnkey websites & start profiting.

Dropship Websites for Sale

Authority Websites

Thinking about long term stable income strategy. Buy Authority Websites and let us introduce your brand to the World.

Affiliate websites for sale

Affiliate Websites

Buy affiliate websites with some handsome profit making capabilities. This is kind of our specialty. So don't think twice.

Adsense websites for sale

Adsense Websites

Buy Adsense websites with guaranteed profit strategy. Let us work and keep an eye on your adsense account.


Payme0 is indeed the best place to buy websites to say the least. No search, no headache. Invest and Earn. Simple as that!

Robert Harsch

Pleasant Hill, IA

Searching a Website to buy is one thing, making it profitable is another. With Payme0, you just buy a site and it’s profitable. Thanks for making it easy.

Dorothy Rose

Plano, TX

My experience with them has been great for last few months. I am consistently getting paid by CJ. If you are willing to buy a website, search no more.

Toby Winch

Birmingham, UK

Choose the perfect plan

Just buy Online Money Making Websites at Payme0 and leave the rest of stuff to us. We ‘ll take care of EVERYTHING until profit.


Make $100 pM

  • Free Trial
  • Landing page
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Unique Content
  • Monthly Reports
  • Email Support


Make $300 PM

  • Free Trial
  • Keyword Research
  • Product research
  • Affiliate Website
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Unique Content
  • Weekly Reports
  • Email/Chat Support


MakE $750 PM

  • Free Trial
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research
  • Custom Niches
  • Authority Websites
  • Branded Blogs
  • Unique Content
  • Themes and Plugins
  • Weekly Reports
  • Chat/Phone Support

Want to invest more?

Frequently asked questions

I know the idea of buying Websites for Sale that make money does sound attractive. You just spend money and start making money online. That’s it. Sorry to say but that’s not it.

Let’s say you bought a Website make $1000 online by spending $30,000 (that’s the min. amount you would need to buy a verified website). Now of course you won’t be writing articles and doing SEO all by yourself. 

Considering the fact that you get lucky in finding the affordable solution for outsourcing the content and SEO, you will be disposing off at least $400 to retain $1000 revenue.

That’s $600 into your pocket per month after spending $30K. You will be making more than that in 3 times lesser cost with US. 

A website business you bought and witnessed every single day’s work with your own eyes. Isn’t that cool?

Yes you can choose between the type of websites you want to buy in $8.4K and higher packages. We have all of these sites available.

  1. Adsense Websites
  2. Amazon Websites
  3. Affiliate Websites
  4. Drop ship Websites
  5. Authority Sites
  6. Blogs
  7. Microniche Sites
  8. Turnkey affiliate Sites

Yes, not just that. After you bought our websites, we ‘ll take care of maintenance and websites profit. We are responsible for profit numbers promised in our packages.

You don’t have to do anything. Yes it’s completely automated. All the work is done by us.

Well, you can see a lot of people buying websites from flippa but how many of them come back for more. Probably 10% because that’s an open marketplace. 

You would need a handsome amount to buy a website from verified seller. Most of the people are not encouraged by after sales process of selling websites. 

Left alone wandering where and how to get that website to make more profit. On the other hand, we are in a lot of trouble taking all of the RISK and headache on our shoulder providing you a Safe & Secure place to buy websites online.

lolx No, unless you wanna be a co-founder of Payme0 having the ability to raise funds.

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